Love of a Lifetime

Yesterday was Valentine's Day. People either love it or hate it. Obviously, if you have your own valentine, you probably love it. If you're single, you probably hate it. I was reading Facebook updates yesterday and you could certainly "hear" some bitterness in posts and utter joy in others. It's easy for me now to sit here and say how grand love can truly be because I'm experiencing it in my life right now. But, there was a time in my life that my heart was shattered. And, since Valentine's Day was our unofficial anniversary, it made the date that much harder. I've moved on from that, but that time in my life does cross my mind occasionally. In fact, a friend from church asked me to share my story at our Bible Study Thursday morning. Rehashing heartbreak isn't very enjoyable, but being able to use my story for the Glory of God makes it much easier. Somewhere along the way I finally learned that the one true valentine is God. It doesn't matter if you're single in this life or not. We are the eternal bride of Jesus Christ. Isn't it wonderful that someone could love us so unconditionally? If there's anything I can teach my children, it is this eternal love.

Now, that we understand the most important love of this life and the next, I have to reflect on the earthly love that I do have. Derek and I met on a blind date in September of '03. I was in what I call "self destruct" mode having just gone through a difficult time (see above). So a serious relationship was not at all what I was looking for. But, when I met Derek, he seemed to bring me back to reality. I started realizing that the life I had been living the past few months was not me at all and I needed to snap out of it. I started focusing on the Word more and seeking out God's plan for my life. I asked Him to forgive me for the short detour in the road I had chosen to take. I still fought the fact that I did not need a man in my life. I was finding "me" and still had some growing to do. But, by Christmas, it was pretty clear to me that God introduced me to Derek for a reason - I was to be his wife. We were going to live the life that I always dreamed of. For our first Valentine's Day (even before we were engaged), Derek bought me a Bible with my name (and his last name) engraved on the front. How's that for a romantic gift?! :) We were engaged the next month and married two months after that. We wasted no time! Six months after we were married, we discovered we were pregnant with our first child (had a miscarriage the month before). Audrey was born 6 weeks after our first wedding anniversary (she was a little premature, too). Two years and 5 months later, Madelyn was born. Talk about true love! There is no love like that a mother has her for her child! So, now I understand even more that love that God has for me. I can't imagine making such a sacrifice!

Thank you, God, for blessing me. Thank you for the hardships you brought to teach me your true love for me. Thank you for a beautiful family and blessing me with wonderful friends. You are good all the time!


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