Sweet Girls Update

Shew!  Is it seriously May already?  How did that happen?  I better not blink because the next three weeks are going to fly by even faster.  There's so much happening as we wind down all of our activities and start our summer.

This weekend is our Children's Musical at church.  We'll have dress rehearsals Friday and Saturday with two performances on Sunday.  Things are coming together beautifully and I can't wait to see the final production.  My prayer is that there will be people in the audience that will really get the message and take it to heart!  The kids have worked really hard so I know God will bless those efforts.

In addition to this musical, the girls are finishing up classes at the dance studio soon.  They have recitals (one for ballet and a separate one for their theater class) the 18 & 19 of May.  I am sooooo excited!  I know Audrey has absolutely loved her class and is super excited about being in Alice in Wonderland.  And, when I picked Maddie up from her mini theater class her teacher said she did super.  She told me she is a natural dancer.  I'm so proud!!  I can't wait to see my girls on stage!

Both the girls started swim team this week.  In only two 30 minute sessions, I can already see huge progress.  And, they are loving it!  It has been the first thing they ask about when they get up in the mornings.  They're totally bummed that they can't go tonight because we have church.  Maddie said, "I wish we could skip Awana tonight."  "But, God is more important than swimming," I said. "Yeah, but God is at the pool, too!"  Hahahaha!

Another little Mama brag:  My girls both got their first modeling gigs yesterday.  Audrey has been asked to do a head shot to model a hair piece.  Maddie is getting a sweet dress to model, which I'm hoping will be something she can use in a pageant.  Doubly duty!

I want to share with all the mamas out there an awesome app we just got on my iPad for the girls.  I rarely purchase or subscribe to apps, but I gave into one recently and it has been fantastic!  Remember the old PBS show, "Rading Rainbow"?  I'm pretty sure it's still on air, but they also have the app.  I believe I paid $30 for a 6 month subscription, but has been worth it.  My girls have been through so many books.  They each have their own "backpack" that they fill with virtual books from their library.  They can hold 5 at a time.  Many of the books are interactive, so they can click on a picture and it moves.  It's super cool!
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