I'm Alive... Really!

If there are any followers left out there, thanks for sticking around.  I am still alive, just took a blogging break.  I'll give you a few highlights from the last couple of months.

Christmas: A few days before Christmas we took off to Gatlinburg.  We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge with the awesome indoor water park.  We spent one day in the water.  We also took one evening and went to Dollywood to meet Santa (the best one ever!) and check out the lights and a Christmas show.   Before and after our trip, we got to spend time with our new sweet niece, Maya.  As for Christmas day, we had a nice time at home.  We were kinda quarantined because Maddie had the flu.  :(  We enjoyed our low key Christmas.  I just haven't been to able to celebrate with my family yet.  :(

Cheerleading:  We fought our way from the bottom all the way to GA State Champs!!!  I have never been so proud.  It was amazing!!  We went to Nationals in Orlando the first week of January and finished our season ranked third nationally.  It was a great year!  Here is a link to our state championship performance:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AutQOoxYyBg&sns=em

Homeschooling:  Confession... I was strongly considering sending Audrey back to school this semester.  I was feeling very guilty for not giving her enough attention.  She is struggling a loy with her spelling. We were butting heads a lot.  I just didn't feel I was getting through to her.  But, in the last little while, I feel we have made some great progress.  She has been working more diligently and with a better attitude.  I have spent more time working with her.  She even got all of her spelling words correct on her test today.  That is huge!!  Derek & I both agreed that finishing the year at home would be better.  I want to get through everything we have started this school year. I honestly do not know what next year holds for us.  Part of me feels this may be the end of our homeschooling season, at least for awhile.  Yet, I still do not have complete peace about that decision yet.  I also have Maddie to consider since she will start Kindergarten in the fall.  In fact, just this week I met with her preK teacher and she said she was doing amazing.  She's at the top of her class.  She even made mention of possible enrichment class needs later on.  So, I have a lot to think about.

I will close there since it is so late.  I have a few more thoughts to share, but I will save those for next time.
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