2010 Reflections

Hard to believe another year has passed.  Time seems to be slipping away a little quicker every year.  I'd say all in all, this was a really good year.  Lots of changes along the way.  We said hello to several new friends, as we also said goodbye to a dear loved one.

Let's start with Maddie.... she turned 3 this year.  She had a lot of changes.  She gave up diapers for big girl panties, a crib for a full size bed, and a pacifier for earrings.  She tried out some gymnastics... and loved it.  We'll definitely do that again.  She loves to go to church (she calls it her school).  ;)  Little Einsteins is her very favorite.  She's a very happy little girl and lights up the room.  Our goal this year is to get her sleeping better.  And, I really want to get her involved in some more activities just for her.

Audrey had a big year, as well.  She is now 5 years old.  She finished up her PreK year... and started Kindergarten!  Seriously can't believe she is in school!  She's done very well.  She's reading a bit.  We haven't done many extra curricular activities.  She finished up with dance in May and decided not to continue this year.  She's been pretty sick - 4 bouts of strep throat and 2 turns of the stomach flu.  So, we've laid a little low with her.  She is still active in Awana at church and also joined the Children's Choir.  She's all about Barbie and Zhu Zhu pets right now... and is showing a big interest in playing the guitar. 

Derek & I made a big decision this year to move to a new church.  It really has been a fantastic move for our family.  The girls have done excellent!  They love going to church and have really learned a lot.  Audrey has such a sweet heart and is quite knowledgeable for her age.  Makes me proud.  I've gotten involved with a Women's Bible Study and the music program.  God has really blessed me.

Derek has done well at work.  He has several upcoming opportunities.  He's still on the executive board of his culinary group and loving it.  He's a little less involved in church because he's had to keep the girls a lot for my music stuff.  He's a good guy!  

So, I started out the year with big plans to lose weight.  I did.  But, I gained most of it back, sadly.  But, on the bright side... I'm ending the year 12 pounds lighter than I started it!  I'll shoot for the same this year.  Working towards consistency.  I also went back to work part time, which has been an adjustment.  I've been given some pretty amazing opportunities through the music program at church.  A new one starts in January, as well.  Lots of great things to look forward to.

I'll share a few of my favorite pics from the year.  I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed new year!

Audrey's last dance recital.

Sweet little kitty at the fall festival.

Making pizza!

My new love... the Terra Trike.
We lost our precious Paw in Oct 2010.

First day of school!

Derek was best man at his best friend's wedding.

My beautiful princess

Me in action.  Show time!

My beautiful girl

Madelyn is 3

Where does the time go?  Seriously, my little princess is 3 years old and is sooo not a baby any more.  Just can't believe it some times.  She rocked my world when she entered it and it has never been the same.  She is the sweetest, most lovable little girl.  She loves to cuddle, sing, dance, play with her dolls, and copy her sister.  :)  I can't imagine my life without her. 
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