Spring Break 2014

Best staycation ever!  I don't think we could have packed any more into our week.  I'm pretty sure I need a vacation to recover from all the activity.  I thoroughly enjoyed the time with my girls.  I feel incredibly blessed to be able to provide such amazing opportunities for my girls.  Here are a few highlights from our week.

Rode scooters on the Greenway.
Sleepover with friends.
Saw Captain America on a date night with hubby!
Massage, Mani, Pedi - woohoo!
Girls caught a fish with the neighbors.
Sliced off a knuckle, not pleasant.
Nail in the tire, but all is well now.

Saw the musical, Anne of Green Gables.

Spent a day at the Atlanta Zoo.
Went horseback riding at Sunny Farms.

Went to Griffin, GA to visit one of my best friends from college.  Our girls were instant friends.

Another favorite at the museum - digging for fossils.

Loved the Children's Museum in Chattanooga!  Check out these bee hives with all the busy bees.

Saw Beauty and the Beast

Maddie had a very busy week!

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