Christmas Time

Can you believe Christmas is only 6 days away?!  Where has the year gone?  I absolutely love this time of year!  The music, the shopping, the decorations, the movies, the lights, etc.....  I get a little sad thinking it will be over soon.  True confession!  My girls are at the perfect age to enjoy the magic of Christmas.  They are so excited!  Oh, if you haven't done so already, you must get your kiddo a personalized video from Santa at Portable North Pole.  FUN!

I have to share with you a tradition that we started this year.  You can find the original idea and post at this awesome blog from Confessions of a Homeschooler:  Mini Van Express.  I downloaded the tickets she provided, laminated them, and hid them in the girls' beds.  We got the girls ready for bed as normal - pajamas, brush teeth, potty, etc.  When they climbed into bed, they found their tickets.  I shouted, "All aboard! The Mini Van Express will be pulling out in 2 minutes."  (I had already placed their slippers at the front door and jackets in the van.)  I punched their tickets as they got in the van (and every time we got out and back in the van).  We drove around and looked at lights, saw Mr. & Mrs. Clause, and grabbed a snack.  It was a late night, but worth every minute of it.  Can't wait to do it again next year!

So, I actually got all my Christmas shopping done before Christmas.  LOL  I think everything is actually going to be here in time.  WooHoo!  I'm super excited about one gift in particular that I'm giving, but I can't share until after Christmas because I think she reads my blog.  I'll be sure to share afterwards though. =)  As for the girls, it's another Barbie year intertwined with Lalaloopsies, a password Diary, make up, and cheerleading.  What did you ask for for Christmas?  I'm hoping for Project Life.  =)

Is everyone on their winter break?  We started today.  The girls celebrated by wearing bathing suits and playing "beach" upstairs.  Hahaha!  Our post a little picture of the grusome scene they were playing earlier.  We are so going to enjoy our break!

Taking care of a lot of sick babies. 
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