Plateau - check!

This week has been chocked full of ups and downs. I was looking forward to my Monday training session because it was time for my one month measurements. I was very curious to see how well I had done. Unfortunately, no measuring tape could be found at the gym so he couldn't take measurements. There was no point in doing them when I got home because I never saw my original numbers, so there was nothing to compare them to. He promised that next week he'd bring his own tape and we'd do measurements then. Aside from this slight disappointment, I had a great workout. He seemed really proud of me and I learned a lot of new things. But, MAN, I have been so incredibly sore this week. I had to take off yesterday because I hurt so bad. We worked on my hamstrings and I am so stiff. I really hope I haven't hurt anything because I had a limp yesterday and noticed that I was kind of dragging my left leg to the side a bit. Not sure what the difference is in being incredibly sore and actually having a torn hamstring. Just going to keep stretching and walking for now.

Yesterday was Wednesday Weigh In at Weight Watchers. I lost nothing. I was exactly the same. Pretty disappointing, but not completely discouraging. Maintaining is always better than gaining! But, it is still disappointing when you work so hard. I guess I can chalk it up to poor food choices though. I knew that I had not been as good with my eating as previous weeks. I dipped into my extra allowance points (which I'm suppose to do with all the physical training), but I didn't make the best choices. I also noticed that I haven't been drinking enough water at all of my work outs - especially when I'm just walking. Got to make a greater effort there. Funny thing is, both my trainer and WW leader said I need to eat more. Go figure! Funny how the science of our bodies work. Anyway, our meeting this week was about learning from our mistakes and moving on. It was exactly what I needed to hear. Glad I went! So, this week I'm going to be more conscientious of water intake and choosing more healthy, filling foods.

I auditioned last night for the Praise Team at church and made it!! I was very excited. I'm really looking forward to diving into the music more and performing more. The talent there is really amazing so I'm hoping to learn a lot. I'm also excited about meeting more people and getting more involved. Last night right before rehearsal Derek called to say that Maddie was throwing up, so I had to leave. I was greatly disappointed to miss my first rehearsal, but mommy duties first!

Maddie seems to be doing much better this morning. She threw up several times last night, but she has eaten breakfast and kept everything down so far. I still think it best not to get her out today, so no Bible study this morning. :( Hopefully we'll all be better and back on track for next week - only to be followed by a week off for spring break. lol

Still having some issues with Audrey. I'm not sure if something has happened or if there is a physical ailment I'm missing. She does not want to go to dance class, gymnastics, Cubbies at church - nothing! She cries, says she doesn't feel well, and doesn't want to go. Gymnastics was only 7 weeks, so I didn't renew it. I told her she has to finish up dance and then we won't register for next year. The thing is, when she's there, she seems to be having a really good time. But, when we talk about going - she doesn't want to go. The last time she went to gymnastics, a little girl jumped on her back and hurt her. She was just DONE for the day then. The last dance class the whole class was acting out and Audrey just sat and wouldn't participate. I know that kids stress her out when they misbehave. That's the only thing I can figure. Audrey is a very good kid. She may give us some fits at home some times, but every teacher in every class she's ever been in has said she is the most well behaved, observant child they have. I don't want to put her in a gazillion activities, but I don't want her sitting at home being bored. Maybe its a phase? I know I can't change her personality - and I don't want to. But, how do I teach her to "shake it off"? If she gets upset about something, she's just done with it. She doesn't want to have anything else to do with it (or them).

A whole 'nother week

So a whole other week has gone by already? Been super busy, so no blogging this week. But, I have to chime in on Wednesday Weigh In days! Today I'm down another 2.2 pounds for a total of 14.5!! Was hoping to hit 15, but I'll take it! I've consistently lost weight 7 weeks in a row. WootWoot!

This has been the first week I've been hesitant to go to the gym at all - not everyday, but at least once or twice. Not sure if the honeymoon is over or if I'm just tired. Doesn't help that I was pushed to the point of puking with my trainer Monday. He raised the weight immensely. Less repetition, but a crap load more pounds. I got on the treadmill after the weight training, but I could only make it 15 minutes. I came home and crashed. Luckily it was Maddie's nap time, so I just took one with her! Needless to say, I've been very sore since. But, I have stuck with it. Although Tuesday I struggled with some motivation, I still got on the treadmill for an hour. Today was just a mental battle. I did about 30 minutes of free weights and then 30 minutes on the elliptical. I had to really push through on the machine, but am really glad I stuck with it.

On a completely different note, I've been dealing with some Audrey issues this week. I do not want to change her and have no intentions in trying, but I'm really having a difficult time coping with her shyness. We have very different personalities and I really want to understand her. I don't expect her to, nor do I want her to, talk to strangers. But, she is so shy that she won't even talk to her teachers at church. She wouldn't participate in dance class this week. She got upset in gymnastics and left class. I felt bad for her this morning when I took her to school. The kids were so excited about the "Leprechaun visit", so when she got to class, they bombarded her. She absolutely doesn't like that!! Several of them started pulling on her and I could see a melt down in the making. So I pried them off of her and calmed her down. She recovered a little quicker than I expected, thankfully. And, she did participate at church tonight, so that is a plus. I worry a little about her transition to kindergarten. She has her evaluation in May. Hopefully she will talk to them and answer their questions. The child is brilliant. And, no, I'm not biased. :) But, seriously, she comprehends better than most adults, I think.

That's my thoughts for the day!

Wednesday Weigh In

So, today was the big day. Wednesdays are Weight Watchers weigh in days. I only lost a pound, which brings it to a total of 12. I was really hoping for more, but I'm not discouraged. I know that I am feeling better, I'm toning my body, building muscle, and am overall healthier. The pounds will eventually come off. I'm looking forward to my one month check in with my trainer. That will be the big test - to see how many inches I've lost. I have kicked myself for not taking measurements a month earlier when I started this process. Oh, well! :)

I really enjoyed my WW meeting today. It was very encouraging. I am committing myself to attending regularly. They really are too important to miss. The leader asked us today if anyone had started an exercise program and I raised my hand. She asked me how I felt and I responded, "like a new person". I may have even choked up a little bit talking about it. But, I really and truly can say that I feel different. I am loving exercising. I was so upset today because my workout got cut short. lol I am finding myself in the gym (or outside) 5 to 6 days a week now... and have increased my workouts from 45 minutes to an hour to and hour and a half. Never thought I'd say that. :)

Still working on the food aspect of this journey. I'm finding myself hungry quite a bit, especially after workouts. This week I'm going to be more diligent with measuring portions. I did more guesstimating last week than I should have. And, I am going to add more water intake. Right now I usually just drink water during workouts and occasionally one meal. I did add 16 more ounces today... maybe more tomorrow.

On a totally different note, I went to my second choir rehearsal tonight. We worked on a recording tonight which was pretty cool. I think I'm really going to like this. I've never sang in a choir this large before. I listened in on some auditions before rehearsal. I'll be auditioning for a praise team pretty soon. Never had to audition for a church solo before. It's a bit intimidating. There are some amazing singers! Looking forward to learning more and being a part of it.

Oh, the pain

I had my third workout with Ricardo, the physical trainer, today. It hurt so much! Last week was rough, but more so after the workout. I had a hard time walking up and down stairs for three days afterward. But, today, I had a hard time getting through the weight training itself. It was truly painful. I decided if I walked for a while afterward, maybe I wouldn't hurt so much later. So I added a 45 minute treadmill walk to my workout and it was great! I haven't hurt today, though I do expect some soreness in the morning. Still, I know that it will all be worth it. I am getting stronger every day. I have increased my workouts to 5-6 days a week. I thoroughly enjoyed the weather and Greenway this weekend! Derek & I had a date day/night Saturday. He had to tutor, so I went with him and walked 3+ miles at the Greenway while he worked. Then, we went to this great pizza place in Atlanta followed by a trip to Trader Joe's. :) Looking forward to many walks at the greenways. WooHoo!

Consistency Confessions

Ok, so I have to confess that I am the worst at being consistent - with anything! I start lots of things, but never finish. I commit to most things with the greatest of intentions, but slowly slip away. That is, until now!! I have to say this today - I AM PROUD OF MYSELF. I have done so much better with sticking to things with myself and the kids. Audrey has only missed one dance class since August - and it was only because we were at the doctor with Maddie who was having an allergic reaction to her medicine this week. If you know me well, or have known me a long time, I've tried about every direct sales known to man (ok, that may be a wee bit exaggerated), but I have been a Creative Memories consultant for 3 1/2 years. That's a long time for me!! =) Most recently, I've been to the first 3 Weight Watchers meetings without missing. I know it's only 3 sessions, but I've stuck to it! Most importantly is my commitment to the gym. I have been 4-5 times a week for 6 weeks now. That's the longest I've ever stuck with exercising. And, my mentality is that I'm going to continue to go. It is now a habit and a craving. I can't not go. And, my efforts are starting to pay off. I'm down 11 pounds and feel so good! I'm eating better and moving a lot more. Just had to share my excitement!
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