Oh, the pain

I had my third workout with Ricardo, the physical trainer, today. It hurt so much! Last week was rough, but more so after the workout. I had a hard time walking up and down stairs for three days afterward. But, today, I had a hard time getting through the weight training itself. It was truly painful. I decided if I walked for a while afterward, maybe I wouldn't hurt so much later. So I added a 45 minute treadmill walk to my workout and it was great! I haven't hurt today, though I do expect some soreness in the morning. Still, I know that it will all be worth it. I am getting stronger every day. I have increased my workouts to 5-6 days a week. I thoroughly enjoyed the weather and Greenway this weekend! Derek & I had a date day/night Saturday. He had to tutor, so I went with him and walked 3+ miles at the Greenway while he worked. Then, we went to this great pizza place in Atlanta followed by a trip to Trader Joe's. :) Looking forward to many walks at the greenways. WooHoo!


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