Plateau - check!

This week has been chocked full of ups and downs. I was looking forward to my Monday training session because it was time for my one month measurements. I was very curious to see how well I had done. Unfortunately, no measuring tape could be found at the gym so he couldn't take measurements. There was no point in doing them when I got home because I never saw my original numbers, so there was nothing to compare them to. He promised that next week he'd bring his own tape and we'd do measurements then. Aside from this slight disappointment, I had a great workout. He seemed really proud of me and I learned a lot of new things. But, MAN, I have been so incredibly sore this week. I had to take off yesterday because I hurt so bad. We worked on my hamstrings and I am so stiff. I really hope I haven't hurt anything because I had a limp yesterday and noticed that I was kind of dragging my left leg to the side a bit. Not sure what the difference is in being incredibly sore and actually having a torn hamstring. Just going to keep stretching and walking for now.

Yesterday was Wednesday Weigh In at Weight Watchers. I lost nothing. I was exactly the same. Pretty disappointing, but not completely discouraging. Maintaining is always better than gaining! But, it is still disappointing when you work so hard. I guess I can chalk it up to poor food choices though. I knew that I had not been as good with my eating as previous weeks. I dipped into my extra allowance points (which I'm suppose to do with all the physical training), but I didn't make the best choices. I also noticed that I haven't been drinking enough water at all of my work outs - especially when I'm just walking. Got to make a greater effort there. Funny thing is, both my trainer and WW leader said I need to eat more. Go figure! Funny how the science of our bodies work. Anyway, our meeting this week was about learning from our mistakes and moving on. It was exactly what I needed to hear. Glad I went! So, this week I'm going to be more conscientious of water intake and choosing more healthy, filling foods.

I auditioned last night for the Praise Team at church and made it!! I was very excited. I'm really looking forward to diving into the music more and performing more. The talent there is really amazing so I'm hoping to learn a lot. I'm also excited about meeting more people and getting more involved. Last night right before rehearsal Derek called to say that Maddie was throwing up, so I had to leave. I was greatly disappointed to miss my first rehearsal, but mommy duties first!

Maddie seems to be doing much better this morning. She threw up several times last night, but she has eaten breakfast and kept everything down so far. I still think it best not to get her out today, so no Bible study this morning. :( Hopefully we'll all be better and back on track for next week - only to be followed by a week off for spring break. lol

Still having some issues with Audrey. I'm not sure if something has happened or if there is a physical ailment I'm missing. She does not want to go to dance class, gymnastics, Cubbies at church - nothing! She cries, says she doesn't feel well, and doesn't want to go. Gymnastics was only 7 weeks, so I didn't renew it. I told her she has to finish up dance and then we won't register for next year. The thing is, when she's there, she seems to be having a really good time. But, when we talk about going - she doesn't want to go. The last time she went to gymnastics, a little girl jumped on her back and hurt her. She was just DONE for the day then. The last dance class the whole class was acting out and Audrey just sat and wouldn't participate. I know that kids stress her out when they misbehave. That's the only thing I can figure. Audrey is a very good kid. She may give us some fits at home some times, but every teacher in every class she's ever been in has said she is the most well behaved, observant child they have. I don't want to put her in a gazillion activities, but I don't want her sitting at home being bored. Maybe its a phase? I know I can't change her personality - and I don't want to. But, how do I teach her to "shake it off"? If she gets upset about something, she's just done with it. She doesn't want to have anything else to do with it (or them).


  1. Thought I should follow up by saying that we measured the next week and I lost 15 inches!!

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