My Family

Meet my family...

I'm married to Derek, the Statistician.  He's brilliant!  He's blunt.  He's eclectic.  He's an amazing cook.  He introduces me to new foods, hobbies, and adventures frequently.  He is a fantastic father.  He's my best friend.


Audrey is almost 11 years old and starting middle school next year.  She is a clone of her father.  :)  She is my kind hearted rule follower. She is a gifted singer and enjoys theater.  She wants to be a dress designer when she grows up. She is very smart and strong willed.  She is strong in her faith and is not afraid to share it.  She has a heart of gold!

Madelyn is 8 1/2 years old and going into 3rd Grade.  She is my Mini Me.  She is my sweet little soul with lots of friends.  She loves to play with her babies every chance she gets.  She's an amazingly talented competitive cheerleader.  Her life pretty much revolves around cheer.


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