Healthy Walkin'

Checking in, friends.  It's officially Spring Break in our county.  Audrey is not happy that I said we were having school anyway.  (She'll thank me later when she's vacationing while the others are still in school.  lol)  Hubby has to work, so we're going to take a few days and visit family in TN.  We'll still be able to do school while we're gone.  (She's REALLY gonna love me when we're doing "work" over the summer, but we'll save that conversation for another day.)

OK, I'm on Day 11 of very few carbs.  I'm doing fine.  It has to be a God thing.  Normally, on my own, I think I'd have been super cranky and "woe is me" and D-O-N-E by now.  But, I'm doing just fine.  I haven't given into anything... except a big gulp of orange juice this morning.  I have had NOTHING sweet.  And, for those of you that know me, that's huge!  Honestly, I don't think I'm eating enough.  Today I had brunch and dinner.  Brunch was 2 scrambled eggs and turkey sausage.  For dinner, Derek made a chicken sausage (with pasta), creamed spinach, and broccoli.  I had a few bites of the pasta since I worked out today, but that was it.  I just have to STOP getting on the scale every day.  It has only been 11 days and the scales move between a 3 and 5 pounds loss.  Sooo... I'm saying it right here, right now.  I will only weigh one day a week!  There!

I've walked twice this week.  Baby steps!  I walked 2 miles one day and 3 the other.  Gonna get up and go again tomorrow.  I can't tell you how much I have missed the Greenway.  Seriously, as I was walking this morning, I just kept thinking about how beautiful it is and how comfortable I am there.  Silly?  Maybe.  But, it is one of my most favorite places to be (is that grammatically correct?).  My body has missed the consistent exercise.  My entire attitude has changed.  I'm looking forward to getting fit... for real, for good!

Day on the Farm

Today was Field Trip day to Cagle Farms.  We had a great time!  (Other than the flat tire afterwards.)  Here are a few pictures from our trip.  Enjoy!

Baby drinking from its bottle.

Maddie feeding the chickens.

Feeding the sweet calf.

Maddie feeding the pig cabbage. 

Learning about gardening and veggies.

Three Amigos!  (Did I even spell that right?)

The little guy trying to talk through the megaphone was kinda funny.  He didn't care for the  device.  But, he did tell us about milking  Miss Daisy.

Friends on a hayride.

Herding sheep

Ready go go!

My precious girls!

Silly girls burying themselves in the hay.
Totally forgot what she was doing, but I think churning butter.  lol

My beautiful silly girls!

Week's End Review

I just have to share.  I'm having a ball!  It's been a great week!  I think I posted briefly about my weekend away with Chosen (the group I sing with) last week, but I didn't go into much detail.  It was a spiritual retreat -- kind of a time to grow closer to Christ individually and as a group.  I've truly felt a closeness to Him that I haven't felt before.  I feel a change within me and I like it!  I'm not perfect and never will be.  But, I know God can work through anybody in any circumstance.  With that being said, I'm really enjoying digging deeper into the Bible.  I've been fortunate enough to be involved in a few really awesome studies lately.  We recently finished "James, Mercy Triumphs" by Beth Moore.  AWESOME!  I had never studied that book before, but it's awesome!  He is so straight forward in his teaching.  Very convicting!  Beth encourages you to memorize the whole book of James, which is 5 chapters.  I have a dear friend that has already done it.  I'm really encouraged to do it myself.  I've got half of the first chapter done... it's a start!

We're currently doing a study called "Brave" by Angela Thomas.  This past week's lesson was on self discipline.  What amazing timing!  God knew exactly what I was going to need when I went to the doctor on Monday.  He knew that I was going to need to make a healthy lifestyle change and it was going to take serious self discipline.... which I don't have!  But, I've survived my first week without carbs and I'm proud to report that I've lost 4 pounds since Tuesday.  Can you believe it?!  And, honestly, not on my own strength - but I have done totally fine.  I've been a little hungry, but I have not been tempted to eat poorly AT ALL!  Even in situations where I don't have a choice (like food provided at a conference I went to), I was able to make the best of the situation.  I threw away the bread and just ate the meat/cheese/veggies off the sandwich.  I totally bypassed the cookies.  Didn't even care!  I'm just praying for strength and consistency.  I know there will be days of total frustration.  But, right now, I'm running full force into getting healthy.  I'm even taking vitamins... and if you know me, that's a big deal.  LOL

I pray that you all have a spectacular week!  Make those changes you need to make.  Stick to them!  And, if you don't feel like you can, pray that the Lord will give you the strength you need every day!

Another Update

Thanks for all the sweet messages and prayers, friends.  I had my second mammogram and ultrasound today.  Everything looks totally normal!!  They all felt the lumps, but it's just tissue.  All is good.  Praising the Lord!!


Ok, friends.  Got an update from the tests from yesterday.  Everything came back normal except that my good cholesterol is too low.  And, in regards to the A1C test (checking for Diabetes), the normal range is 4.0-5.9.  Mine was 5.9.  She said I am absolutely heading towards Diabetes, but I can nip it in the bud now.  Exercise will help fix both issues.  She also reiterated that I have to get rid of... and I quote... "bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, cereal, corn, carrots, and fruit".  Shoot me now!  lol  Guess I'm seriously going to have to change my ways.  I've got to get creative.  I'm on day #2 of drastically reducing carbs.  It's going to be a learning process for sure.  This morning was scrambled eggs and sausage.  Lunch was chicken fajitas without the tortillas.  Snack was cheese.  Dinner was curry chicken salad (made with mustard, not mayo).  By golly, I better shed some serious weight!  lol

Tomorrow is my ultrasound and mammogram.  I should have results the same day, too.  I'll be sure to check in tomorrow.  Thanks for all the prayers!!

Retreat and Health Stuff

Checking in, my friends.  It's been a busy couple of weeks over here.  What's new, right?  The weather has been so beautiful the last few days.  I've gotten little housework done because we've been enjoying the sunshine and time with friends.  I've also been enjoying the Kindle a little much.  I'm on my fifth Lynette Eason book.

I went on a retreat with Chosen over the weekend in this beautiful cabin in the hills of Ellijay.  It was an amazing weekend with my dear friends.  We spent so much time in the Word.  We did a fantastic 3 day Beth Moore study called Fulfilling Your Ministry.  It was a great study and just what we needed to hear.  Our leader took us out of our comfort zone.  It allowed us to open up a bit and I felt like I started breaking down some walls.  I feel God working in my life and in our group.  I am so incredibly grateful!  I don't know why He chose me to be part of this amazing group, but I'm going to give it my all.  What a ministry!

Alright, ladies!  All of you need to make sure that you're keeping up with your physicals and such.  I've had several friends that have been diagnosed with uterine and breast cancer lately.  They encouraged me to go have my mammogram and full physical work up.  I had my first mammogram a couple of weeks ago and a physical today.  They found some lumps in each breast and some abnormalities, so I go back Thursday for more tests.  No one seems to be worried and feel that the lumps are probably benign.  I'll find out soon, but I know it's all in God's hands.  I'll keep you posted on that.  Anyway, I have a few more things going on that I need to work out.  I'm extremely high risk for Diabetes and have had some tests run.  As a preventive measure, my doctor said I have to cut out simple carbohydrates.  Shew.  I obviously have issues with food and exercise, but I don't want to spend the rest of my life with this disease.  So, please send some prayers my way.  It's a total life change that needs to be made.  It will take some serious discipline on my part.  I'm also going to have to have another sleep study.  I had Sleep Apnea both times I was pregnant.  Looks like it may be back.  If I can get this extra weight off, I'm sure that would help.

So, that was a pretty heavy post.  =)  More later....

Our Week in Pictures

Today was a rough day.  We've been out of our routine this week.  D has been out of town on business and we've been going non-stop.  I had a few commitments and appointments to go to in addition to our normal stuff.  Thankfully my in-laws have graciously helped out this week.  But, spending a couple of days/nights from home without going to bed at regular times, etc. has made for a difficult transition back to "normal".  And, unfortunately, this week is going to be much of the same.  D will be traveling a couple more days and I am going on a retreat with Chosen (our singing group), so the routine will be broken again.   I'm just praying they'll adjust a little better next week.  Audrey was awfully difficult today.  We spent all of our time just correcting things she did incorrectly the last two days.  Her attitude was so stinky and mine, in turn, was no better.  I just wish I could get her to take pride in what she does and not just slop through everything just to get it done.  :(  Anyway.... despite our rough day, D got to come home a day early and we all had some great family time this afternoon.  All is well in the Norton home now!  Here are a few photos from our week:

Someone sacked out within 5 minutes of getting in mommy's bed last night.  Too cute not to share!

Audrey learned a lot about different kinds of homes this week.  A special treat was making a house with her Papaw one day they were together.  Nana helped her decorate it and make "dolls" to go with it.  

This is our new "library", as the girls call it.  It's just an area in our hallway upstairs.  I finally consolidated every book in our house and found a good spot for our chair, too!  

A closer look

Each bin is organized by types of books:  hardback, soft cover, readers, collections, etc.

Our favorites:  Look and Finds!

Sassy pants!


My little helper.  She does such a great job cleaning up and was so proud of her room tonight that she just had to vaccum the floor, too.  =)

Random Acts of Fun

Warning:  This is going to be a totally random, full of information in no particular order kind of post - with plenty of pictures to share.

Let's see, where do I start?  How about with the Father/Daughter dance!  What a cool time!  We're involved in a homeschool organization that we do field trips and activities with.  This is a big event that they have each year and I'm so glad Audrey & D could participate this year.  Audrey & I went shopping for a special dress and jewelry.  She picked out daddy's favorite color dress - blue - and wouldn't let him see it until they got ready to leave.  She got to wear a little make up and we curled her hair up which was topped off with a tiara.  Daddy got all dressed up in a suit.  I forgot to order a corsage, so I ended up making one at the very last minute.  I was quite proud of how nicely it turned out and the money I saved by doing it myself.  :)  They had a great time on their date which included dinner & a trip to Target (where a lady got all teared up and said she was going to cry when she asked them why they were so dressed up - lol).  Although Audrey wouldn't dance, they had a fabulous time.

The homemade corsage =)

The princess coming down the stairs to meet Daddy.

Daddy putting on the corsage.

Father/Daughter Dance 2012

The princess
 I finally revamped the Treasure Box/ Sticker Chart.  Maddie has been having a difficult time sleeping through the night and Audrey needed some external motivation for cleaning up after herself.  So, we have new sticker charts (LOVE my laminater, btw!).  I took a trip to the new giant Dollar Tree and racked up!  How fun is this Treasure Box??
Restocked Treasure Box
This weekend we took a little trip to Gatlinburg with 5 other couples from our Sunday School class on a Marriage Retreat (or as Audrey likes to say, a "Family Treat").  The girls stayed with my parents and we stayed in a fantastic cabin resort.  With the exception of the massive thunder storms and tornadoes Friday night, we had an amazing.  I missed my girls, of course, but it was nice to have some time away with the hubster and sweet friends.  We walked around G'burg Saturday, grilled out with our cabin mates, and stayed up for hours talking.  It was great!
Our view from the cabin
Here's another random thought.  I think I told you guys a while back (maybe?!) what I got my mother-in-law for Christmas?!  If I didn't or you don't remember - I contacted her favorite author and got her to sign one of her books.  She even sent her one of her brand new books as soon as it came out in January.  The author is Lynette Eason.  She is a Christan suspense author.  I had never read any of her books, although Sherry has been trying to get me to for months.  I finally started reading one of her series:  Women of Justice.  There are 3 books in the series and I have read them all in the last 3 weeks.  I love them!  And, the coolest thing is that she is going to be speaking at our church in May!!  I am so excited!!  We will be having a Mystery Dinner Theater, as well as her speaking.  She'll be sharing her testimony, how she got into writing, and giving away some of her books.  I highly encourage you to attend if you're close by (or close enough to make a little get away).  =)  So, here are two new loves of mine:  Lynette Eason and the KINDLE.  I had not used it prior to reading these books, but Derek let me borrow his so Sherry could "lend" me her books via Kindle.  Now I'm in love!  I was a little distraught when he said he had to take it on his trip to California - and I wasn't finished reading the 3rd book yet.  What a great guy - he gave me his Kindle and ordered a new one to be delivered to his hotel.

So, that's the randomness we've had the last few weeks.  Thanks for tagging along!  I'll share some of our Dr. Seuss studies and other activities in a couple of days.
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