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Checking in, my friends.  It's been a busy couple of weeks over here.  What's new, right?  The weather has been so beautiful the last few days.  I've gotten little housework done because we've been enjoying the sunshine and time with friends.  I've also been enjoying the Kindle a little much.  I'm on my fifth Lynette Eason book.

I went on a retreat with Chosen over the weekend in this beautiful cabin in the hills of Ellijay.  It was an amazing weekend with my dear friends.  We spent so much time in the Word.  We did a fantastic 3 day Beth Moore study called Fulfilling Your Ministry.  It was a great study and just what we needed to hear.  Our leader took us out of our comfort zone.  It allowed us to open up a bit and I felt like I started breaking down some walls.  I feel God working in my life and in our group.  I am so incredibly grateful!  I don't know why He chose me to be part of this amazing group, but I'm going to give it my all.  What a ministry!

Alright, ladies!  All of you need to make sure that you're keeping up with your physicals and such.  I've had several friends that have been diagnosed with uterine and breast cancer lately.  They encouraged me to go have my mammogram and full physical work up.  I had my first mammogram a couple of weeks ago and a physical today.  They found some lumps in each breast and some abnormalities, so I go back Thursday for more tests.  No one seems to be worried and feel that the lumps are probably benign.  I'll find out soon, but I know it's all in God's hands.  I'll keep you posted on that.  Anyway, I have a few more things going on that I need to work out.  I'm extremely high risk for Diabetes and have had some tests run.  As a preventive measure, my doctor said I have to cut out simple carbohydrates.  Shew.  I obviously have issues with food and exercise, but I don't want to spend the rest of my life with this disease.  So, please send some prayers my way.  It's a total life change that needs to be made.  It will take some serious discipline on my part.  I'm also going to have to have another sleep study.  I had Sleep Apnea both times I was pregnant.  Looks like it may be back.  If I can get this extra weight off, I'm sure that would help.

So, that was a pretty heavy post.  =)  More later....


  1. Darsi said...:

    Good luck with your medical tests, etc.! I'm also at high risk for diabetes and am carrying WAY too much weight. My blood sugar was a little high for the first time ever when I had my last physical in January, and that was the wake-up call I needed to start a hard-core workout program. I'm slowly making sustainable diet changes as well (I haven't had french fries since the beginning of the year - hey, it's a start!), but I don't think I'm strong enough to give up simple carbs! Best of luck to you, and please keep us posted!

  1. You know I'm praying for you! Do you get to wear your cool headgear again for the apnea?

  1. Kim said...:

    Thanks, girls! Allie, YES, if after the sleep test they determine that I have Sleep Apnea, I will have a fancy little CPAP machine. lol Darsi, I hear ya! Sucks getting older. HEY, no french fries for 3+ months is a big deal. Every little change helps! I'm on day #3 without carbs and have already lost 2 pounds. Yay! The journey will not be easy, but it will be worth it! You can do it!

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