Our Week in Pictures

Today was a rough day.  We've been out of our routine this week.  D has been out of town on business and we've been going non-stop.  I had a few commitments and appointments to go to in addition to our normal stuff.  Thankfully my in-laws have graciously helped out this week.  But, spending a couple of days/nights from home without going to bed at regular times, etc. has made for a difficult transition back to "normal".  And, unfortunately, this week is going to be much of the same.  D will be traveling a couple more days and I am going on a retreat with Chosen (our singing group), so the routine will be broken again.   I'm just praying they'll adjust a little better next week.  Audrey was awfully difficult today.  We spent all of our time just correcting things she did incorrectly the last two days.  Her attitude was so stinky and mine, in turn, was no better.  I just wish I could get her to take pride in what she does and not just slop through everything just to get it done.  :(  Anyway.... despite our rough day, D got to come home a day early and we all had some great family time this afternoon.  All is well in the Norton home now!  Here are a few photos from our week:

Someone sacked out within 5 minutes of getting in mommy's bed last night.  Too cute not to share!

Audrey learned a lot about different kinds of homes this week.  A special treat was making a house with her Papaw one day they were together.  Nana helped her decorate it and make "dolls" to go with it.  

This is our new "library", as the girls call it.  It's just an area in our hallway upstairs.  I finally consolidated every book in our house and found a good spot for our chair, too!  

A closer look

Each bin is organized by types of books:  hardback, soft cover, readers, collections, etc.

Our favorites:  Look and Finds!

Sassy pants!


My little helper.  She does such a great job cleaning up and was so proud of her room tonight that she just had to vaccum the floor, too.  =)


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