Random Acts of Fun

Warning:  This is going to be a totally random, full of information in no particular order kind of post - with plenty of pictures to share.

Let's see, where do I start?  How about with the Father/Daughter dance!  What a cool time!  We're involved in a homeschool organization that we do field trips and activities with.  This is a big event that they have each year and I'm so glad Audrey & D could participate this year.  Audrey & I went shopping for a special dress and jewelry.  She picked out daddy's favorite color dress - blue - and wouldn't let him see it until they got ready to leave.  She got to wear a little make up and we curled her hair up which was topped off with a tiara.  Daddy got all dressed up in a suit.  I forgot to order a corsage, so I ended up making one at the very last minute.  I was quite proud of how nicely it turned out and the money I saved by doing it myself.  :)  They had a great time on their date which included dinner & a trip to Target (where a lady got all teared up and said she was going to cry when she asked them why they were so dressed up - lol).  Although Audrey wouldn't dance, they had a fabulous time.

The homemade corsage =)

The princess coming down the stairs to meet Daddy.

Daddy putting on the corsage.

Father/Daughter Dance 2012

The princess
 I finally revamped the Treasure Box/ Sticker Chart.  Maddie has been having a difficult time sleeping through the night and Audrey needed some external motivation for cleaning up after herself.  So, we have new sticker charts (LOVE my laminater, btw!).  I took a trip to the new giant Dollar Tree and racked up!  How fun is this Treasure Box??
Restocked Treasure Box
This weekend we took a little trip to Gatlinburg with 5 other couples from our Sunday School class on a Marriage Retreat (or as Audrey likes to say, a "Family Treat").  The girls stayed with my parents and we stayed in a fantastic cabin resort.  With the exception of the massive thunder storms and tornadoes Friday night, we had an amazing.  I missed my girls, of course, but it was nice to have some time away with the hubster and sweet friends.  We walked around G'burg Saturday, grilled out with our cabin mates, and stayed up for hours talking.  It was great!
Our view from the cabin
Here's another random thought.  I think I told you guys a while back (maybe?!) what I got my mother-in-law for Christmas?!  If I didn't or you don't remember - I contacted her favorite author and got her to sign one of her books.  She even sent her one of her brand new books as soon as it came out in January.  The author is Lynette Eason.  She is a Christan suspense author.  I had never read any of her books, although Sherry has been trying to get me to for months.  I finally started reading one of her series:  Women of Justice.  There are 3 books in the series and I have read them all in the last 3 weeks.  I love them!  And, the coolest thing is that she is going to be speaking at our church in May!!  I am so excited!!  We will be having a Mystery Dinner Theater, as well as her speaking.  She'll be sharing her testimony, how she got into writing, and giving away some of her books.  I highly encourage you to attend if you're close by (or close enough to make a little get away).  =)  So, here are two new loves of mine:  Lynette Eason and the KINDLE.  I had not used it prior to reading these books, but Derek let me borrow his so Sherry could "lend" me her books via Kindle.  Now I'm in love!  I was a little distraught when he said he had to take it on his trip to California - and I wasn't finished reading the 3rd book yet.  What a great guy - he gave me his Kindle and ordered a new one to be delivered to his hotel.

So, that's the randomness we've had the last few weeks.  Thanks for tagging along!  I'll share some of our Dr. Seuss studies and other activities in a couple of days.


  1. I'm like the lady in Target. Those pictures made me teary! That corsage is way prettier than a store bought one.

    So, I'm guessing I might like those books too. I'll look for them next time I got to McKays!

  1. Sherry Norton said...:

    Let me just say, your gift was The best gift ever. So thoughtful of you. But to anyone that knows you that is no surprise.

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