Day on the Farm

Today was Field Trip day to Cagle Farms.  We had a great time!  (Other than the flat tire afterwards.)  Here are a few pictures from our trip.  Enjoy!

Baby drinking from its bottle.

Maddie feeding the chickens.

Feeding the sweet calf.

Maddie feeding the pig cabbage. 

Learning about gardening and veggies.

Three Amigos!  (Did I even spell that right?)

The little guy trying to talk through the megaphone was kinda funny.  He didn't care for the  device.  But, he did tell us about milking  Miss Daisy.

Friends on a hayride.

Herding sheep

Ready go go!

My precious girls!

Silly girls burying themselves in the hay.
Totally forgot what she was doing, but I think churning butter.  lol

My beautiful silly girls!


  1. Now that's just good old fashioned fun! How many kids go on the co-op field trips? I've been telling John about your adventures and he's finally beginning to see the light!

  1. Kim said...:

    Yay!!! We have over 200 families in the organization. Each field trip is divided by age, usually. This one was K-2nd (plus siblings). We had about 35-40 people on this one.

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