DIY Lalaloopsy House

I was feeling a little crafty today so I thought I would make Maddie a house for her Lalaloopsies.  She loves playing with the miniature ones.  In just a couple of hours and less than $20, she has a new house for her babies (and mommy loves the organization).

I started out with a quick trip to Goodwill.  I found this sturdy shelf.  Not sure what exactly it was used for, but it screamed miniature Lalaloopsies to me!  ;)

It got a good bath.  Next I used a pencil to outline the opening on the back panel.  Then I removed the back panel to add the "wall paper".  This was just old scrapbook paper I had tucked away.  I cut them into blocks and used Mod Podge to adhere them.

After that, I just used some ribbon and hot glue to cover up the dated edges around the shelf.

Last, I added the back panel back on and put a few little buttons on.

This is the final project with her babies:

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