Blessings and Busyness

What a day! Got to sleep in til 7:30 -wootwoot! Maddie was at her grandparents last night and Audrey had a dr appointment this morning,so our schedule was different today. Got a good report from the neurologist. She had an EEG done in December. Although she isn't seizure free, he still called her "one of the lucky ones". The EEG showed seizure activity (only once), so until it is completely normal, she has to remain on medication. Thankfully, she is on a very low dosage and no major side effects. She is doing very well in school, which is a good sign. So, we'll continue what we're doing and check back in 4 months.

After her appointment this morning I took her to school, came home to finish a craft for her V'day party, and catch up on some much needed phone calls. An hour later, after talking with two insurance companies, I may have fixed the "balances" on our medical & dental bills. I get a little confused as to why insurance companies do things the way they do - make mistakes that they make - and unless we find the problem ourselves and bring it to their attention, we could be paying out hundreds of dollars we don't really owe in the first place!! Anyway, after my productive morning, I headed back to Audrey's school for the big V'day party. I was in charge of crafts and I have to say they were a big hit. :) We made "Pockets full of Kisses". I'll have to post some pics later. But, I cut out pockets from old blue jeans, glued ribbons on (kinda like a purse), and let the the kids decorate, stuff with tissue paper, and fill with Hershey Kisses (and a card with a cute little poem) to take to their mom or dad. I was pleased with how it turned out. Anyhoo - after the party I took Audrey with me (she loves getting to leave early while the other kids are still in class - lol) to pick up Maddie. Then we headed to dance class, picked up dinner, did baths, and bedtime. Derek was at his culinary club tonight, so it was just me and the girls.

So, today was suppose to be weigh in day for me, but with the hectic schedule, I couldn't fit a trip to the gym in. Definitely tomorrow though! I'm not looking forward to the scale though. Being sick last week kept me out of the gym 3 days... and if you had seen the junk I ate today... well, let's just say I may have blown every workout I did this week. I very rarely ever eat fast food any more. We've limited ourselves to only eating out once (occasionally twice a week) for any meal. So, to eat 3, YES, I said 3 meals from fast food restaurants today... I feel quite disgusting. :(
Oh, well... tomorrow is a new day, right?


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