The Balance of LIfe

Does anybody else struggle with balancing every day life? There are some people that really seem to have it together and I just wonder how they do it?! Try as hard as I might, there are days where I feel like I accomplish very little. Today was one of those days. Derek is sick, so I really had no "break" today. Ya know, I've been working so hard to be consistent with working out and spending more time in the Bible. Seems so difficult to add that to the every day routine... but it's so important!

Our day went like this.... after being woken up at 4:00 (Audrey had to potty), 4:45 (Maddie was screaming), and 5:45 (again, Maddie screaming), we were up at 7 to get ready for school. After dropping Audrey off, it was back home to feed Maddie breakfast and shower. Headed to the Women's Ministry Bible Study. Back home for lunch (and put away the clean dishes, sweep the floor). Then it's time to pick up Audrey from school. Home... start dinner (at 3:30), throw a load of laundry in, serve dinner (5:00), load up the girls and head to the gym for a quick work out... back home, put girls in the bed, put a few dishes in the dishwasher, and take the trash to the curb. Now it's time to veg out in front of the computer for a bit before going to bed and doing my Bible study. Shew... I didn't even mention the numerous times Maddie had to be put in Time Out for utter disobedience. She has officially hit the Terrible Two's and pushed every button I had today. Guess I was just too busy today and she didn't get enough attention from me.

Anyway... how do people do this effectively every day? Especially single parents? (My heart goes out to those precious people that have to do it alone.) I feel like my house is a disaster today. There are toys all over the living room floor, dirty dishes in the sink, bills need to be paid, floors need to be vacuumed again, and my bathroom desperately needs a bath of its own. My To Do list appears to be growing exponentially day by day. I feel guilty when I don't get enough one-on-one with the girls. I feel crazy when my house is not up to par. I feel guilty when I fall asleep before getting in my Bible study. I'm afraid of missing out on work outs because I don't want to lose the momentum. But, seriously... how do you balance it all?


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