Got a full fledge butt kickin' from a very large black man today. LOL Translation - I started with a great new personal trainer at the gym today who gave me a great work out. :) Took all of my measurements so we can track the changes each month. We went over short term and long term goals. Really put things into perspective. I'm excited about the changes that I'm making! I think this is the most serious I've ever been about making a life change with food and exercise. I realize now that it is a life long commitment, not just a temporary fix. I'm on week #5 and feeling better every day.

So, what are my goals? I don't have a magic number I'm shooting for. Yes, I want to lose numbers and sizes, but I want to feel good in my clothes. My short term goal, as silly as it may sound, is to wear shorts this summer. I haven't worn shorts in years! I wear capris all summer because I'm afraid to be seen in shorts. But, not this summer - I WILL wear shorts and like it!

My long term goal right now is walking the 60 miles in the Walk for the Cure for my birthday this year. It's exactly 8 months from today. I think it is totally attainable from a physical standpoint. And, a bonus - if I can just lose 5 pounds a month from now until my birthday - I will almost be at my goal weight. It really isn't that far away!

I AM setting a better example for my girls. I'm so excited to see my girls playing "going to the gym". Instead of them saying "I'm going to McDonalds", they're exercising. Audrey asks me every day if I've been to the gym. She's a great accountability partner! I totally see how my actions affect them!! I am making wiser food choices and teaching the girls. We're talking more about what is healthy for our body and not. And, what some of the health consequences are if we don't make good choices.


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