Blessings and New Adventures

So, an exciting day today. First of all, I was blessed to spend a whole day with my 4 year old. What a wonderful day! We don't get to spend a lot of time together one-on-one. Since she was out of school, the little one spent the day with her Nana so we could go out. We played at the mall, went to Build-a-Bear, dance class, and to dinner. I'm amazed at what a great little girl she is. So mature for her age. She's so sweet and considerate. She's quite the observer - never misses a thing. I found myself quite teary eyed as I watched her play at the mall. We use to go frequently right after we moved to GA and Maddie was born. We hadn't been in a long time. So, sitting there watching her - growing up before my very eyes - I just wanted to freeze time. One day I'm going to look back and "remember when".

On a totally different note - I started a new adventure on my healthy journey. I joined Weight Watchers. Tonight was my first meeting. My workouts have been going great - today was an hour of cardio (30 min. treadmill with 2.5% incline/3.5 speed/1.75 miles ; 25 min bike at 90 rpm). Yesterday I again conquered the elliptical machine. :) I'm feeling a little stronger every day. But, I still need to do better with eating healthy - hence the WW journey. I've lost 6 pounds on my own in the last 3 weeks, so hopefully with combining the effects of WW and my workouts - I'll start to see some serious results soon. :)


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