Field Trip!

The girls went straight for the hair salon.
We went to the neatest place for Audrey's one and only Kindergarten field trip last week.  It's a place called INK (Interactive Neighborhood for Kids).  It's similar to the Children's Museum of South Carolina we went to a few weeks ago at the beach, but bigger and nicer.  We'll definitely be going back a lot.  (They have a home school day once a month with half price admission.  We will definitely take advantage of that!)  It's like a little indoor town that is kid size.  There's a Post Office, Dentist, Doctor, & Veterinary offices, hair salon, restaurant, grocery store, bank (with working ATM machine & play money), court room, school room, a stage, fire truck, airplane, & police car - to name a few things.  It really is a great place for kids.  They get to role play and really learn & explore.  So fun!  Here are a few pictures to enjoy.
Shopping in the grocery store.

Real checkout counter to play in!

The kids took turns using the ATM card and machine that shot out play money. There was also a working computer at a desk to play bank teller and "open accounts".

The Veterinary Clinic

The kids really loved playing in the diner - taking orders, "eating", and making food.

Audrey and her buddy in the real airplane.

The jury has spoken!

One of Audrey's favorites - playing dentist.  Even her teacher got in on the action.  :)


  1. C Smith said...:

    Looks like fun. So how is the homeschool going?? Hope you guys are well. We need to come to ATL soon so we can catch up and let the kids play.

  1. If I took SH there, she would never want to leave! That place looks awesome!

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