Loving, Losing, & Living Update

We've had a couple of really good weeks with the girls... but the last few days have been challenging again... more so with Audrey.  I was just talking with Derek about it and I'm wondering if her issues are directly related with her seizure medication?  The side effects of her medication is "behavioral problems".  I know from her previous seizures and EEG results that she is most prone to them when she's tired.  We also realize that she acts out the most when she has missed some sleep.  This isn't your normal run of the mill crankiness.  Her meltdowns are normally following a restless night, it's late afternoon/evening, and she falls to sleep shortly afterward.  She got in bed almost 2 hours late last night, followed by nightmares at 5:00 this morning.  Needless to say, we had a very trying evening.  Not sure why I didn't put it all together before.  Her medication dosage has been reduced for over a month now, so I'll be calling the neurologist tomorrow to schedule her EEG. 

My family and I joined the YMCA last week.  I had my initial consultation last night.  We went over where I am physically right now and where I want to be.  We went through some exercise programs that I'll be doing.  The Y is super cool!  They have touchscreens at every machine.  When I first come in, I log in at the desk and it tells me where to start.  We set all of my info in each machine last night (seat positions on the machines, how much weight per station, reps, etc.).  As I do each one, it logs it into my account.  It records everything I do.  Cool, huh?  Now I just need to find a program to use at home to record my food.

It felt good to exercise again last night.  It's been over 6 months since I regularly worked out.  But, my head isn't quite in it yet.  I don't know if its because I still have a few more time consuming commitments left and it's hard for me to justify doing anything else.  (Remember, I have that "balancing" issue.)  In my head I know that something needs to be done.  It's just making the time again and taking the steps.  It is discouraging to me the thought of starting this journey all over when I came so far before... only to put it all back on.  But, at least I know it can be done!

My family and I (along with the WOW singers and other church friends) had an opportunity over the weekend to serve at a homeless shelter for women and children.  We just spent time loving on them, serving them lunch, and then worshiped with them in a service.  It was amazing watching some of these ladies worshiping in the aisles as we sang knowing they have no home and are going through who knows what!  One lady gave her heart to Christ during the service.  It was just an amazing day.

I spoke with one young lady, 18 years old, while I painted her finger nails lime green.  =)  She's only been there a few weeks.  She's a senior in high school and we had marching band in common.  There was some apparent abuse in her life and my heart broke for her.  I didn't see her in the worship service and couldn't find her before we left.  I haven't forgotten about her though.  Audrey really took up with a little girl, KK.  We're going back this Saturday so they can play together.  There was a 6 year old that glued herself to me for awhile.  When it was time for lunch, I asked her to get her mom so we could get food together.  With her whole body wrapped around me, she said, "I don't need my mom."  Broke my heart.  She also told me that her brother was a bad boy and was in jail.  I still don't know who her mom is.  I don't know if she ever came out of her room or not.  (And by room I mean cubicle.)  I can't imagine what some of these children go through.  But, having an almost 6 year old myself, I'd be devastated if she felt like she didn't need me.  :(

I think it was a good experience for the girls.  I'm not sure that Maddie understood.  I'm not even sure how much Audrey understood, but she did pray for KK on her own that night.  She's very excited to possibly play with her this weekend.  I'm looking forward to going back and seeing some of the ladies and kids again.  I've already got the van loaded with several boxes & bags of clothes!  They need them much more than we do.


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