Loving, Losing, & Living UBP 2011 - This is Me!

My name is Kim and I'm excited to be participating in my first Blog Party!  I've been blogging about a year - and like me - my blog is ever changing.  :)  It started out as a place to document my weight loss journey, but has evolved into a place to share the day to day life of balancing kids, husband, work, and play.  I blog about being a mommy trying to balance it all (LOVING),  the struggles of weight loss (LOSING), and a Christian seeking to know Him more (LIVING).  We have decided to be a homeschooling family next year, so a lot of focus has turned that direction.  Parenting 3 & 5 year old girls is an adventure in and of itself.  I frequently seek advice from fellow moms and love to share in others' life journeys, as well.

I'm a 30-something year old from TN, but now live in GA.  I've been married almost 7 years.  I spent 15 years as a Colorguard Instructor for marching bands.  I still dabble in choreography for different musical productions here and there.  I love to sing!  I am an avid scrapbooker (and other crafts) - though I really don't have much time these days.  I'd like to say I'm highly organized, but really - I enjoy reading about getting organized and envision the day that everything in my home is neatly tucked away and properly labeled.  :)  

That's me in a nutshell.  I'm a hodge podge of a gal just trying to make it through this life one day at a time.  I hope you'll come along for the ride!


  1. Hi there - found you through UBP11! Love the name of your blog & love that your blog has evolved! I love being able to express myself & the connections blogging has made has been amazing.


  1. Hi! Following you from
    UBP! Hope you visit me
    and return the follow!

  1. Lena said...:

    Hello! Love your blog and just hit "Follow" button.I have a similar story - started my blog as accountability to myself in loosing weight. Find me at www.way2goodlife.com

  1. Jessica said...:


    WOW! So you help out with musical productions...that is so neat!!

    I am so happy to have found your blog. I am stopping in from the Ultimate Blog Party and this is my very first year participating and this is SO VERY exciting!! LOL

    Anyhow...please stop by my blogs and follow whenever you get the opportunity:

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    I welcome your visit at either or both of my blogs and hope to have you stop by and follow really soon!!

    Have a very blessed day!! :0)

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