Good Times

I was just reading some older posts and realized I'm a Debbie Downer quite often so tonight I'm focusing on the positive!  I have thoroughly enjoyed my week with the kids.  Audrey has been exceptionally good this week.  I am so proud of her.  She really stepped up and willingly helped with some things around the house.  She has been pleasant and obedient.  Even in the moments where she has made bad choices, she has apologized and moved on.  The only meltdown she had was after missing 2 doses of her medicine and then back on - coupled with going to bed 2 hours late (yikes).  Shame on me for letting that happen!  The girls have really enjoyed playing together this week, too.  Only a few more week until summer vacation and we can be together every day!  :)

I haven't officially made the announcement on here yet, though it has been talked about and around, but we are definitely homeschooling in the fall.  =)  I'm incredibly excited!!  This is something I've been thinking about and praying about for over a year.  We're all on board and it has been very fun researching and talking with other homeschooling families over the last several months.  I can't wait to get started!  There's a convention coming up in May that I'm hoping to go to.  I'm looking through several curriculum choices, organizations, and activities.  So many choices!  Watch for more homeschool "episodes" coming up.  :)


  1. I hope the homeschooling works out for you. I'm afraid that if I tried it, Faith would not do as well. She gets very frustrated when she can't get something right away and when she's with me she starts to cry. IT would be very hard. And Jamie loves school, so I'm leaving her there for sure. But I have thought about it and think it still might be a good idea for Faith. I commend you for making that decision.

  1. I want to know every detail! I'm living vicariously through you ;)

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