Bedroom Switcharoo

I had to share with you how crazy productive we were today!  I got all the girls' fall/winter clothes put away, the spring/summer clothes out & organized, and several donation bags ready to go.  Also, we've been talking about switching all but the Master bedroom for a while.  Only one of the 3 extra bedrooms upstairs had a decent closet - which happens to be in the guestroom and the least used.  So, it made sense to switch Audrey into that room and make better use of the space.  And, Maddie is starting to get an opinion - LOL - and wanted a pink & purple room (instead of her 'nursery').  Since she was in the smallest room, we figured the guest room should be there.  Are you keeping up?!  So, here's how it goes:  Audrey has the old guest room, Maddie has Audrey's old room, and the guest room is in Maddie's old room.  LOL  My only major concern was moving the guestroom into Maddie's mint green room.  We had decided to paint Audrey's new room because we could just paint the top half and be done (it went from blue/brown to pink/brown).  But, since all the guestroom stuff was blue/brown - moving in to a room with mint green walls could pose a problem.  No fear!  I remembered a nice white comforter that had been dry cleaned some time ago just hanging in the back of the closet - and wa-la!  It actually turned out to be a bright, cheery tranquil room.  I'm quite pleased!  I'll post some before/afters for you.  Keep in mind the kids' rooms are not done.  Audrey has no wall hangings yet (polka dots to be put up tomorrow - and possibly new bedding later).  But, after our full day, I had to share (better quality pics later).  =)

Guest Room BEFORE - now it is Audrey's room

Audrey's New Room with more space and pink/brown walls, minus the wall hangings.  Polka dots on the way & new bedding on the way.

Guest Room BEFORE - Maddie's sweet nursery

New Guest Room - Calm & Relaxing

Maddie's Room BEFORE - Audrey's sweet room (old pic)

Maddie's new Big Girl room!


  1. Hey! It is Michelle from Babydreamers! :) Love the bedrooms! The girls can't wait to move because they want their own rooms. Especially Jamie.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Cute!!!! Good job! :) Love all the new colors! Beth

  1. The guest room is calling my name.

  1. Kim said...:

    Thanks, friends! Allie - ANY TIME!! We've been saying that forever, but seriously... you guys need to come visit. ;)

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