Production Notes

Hey, friends.  I have been MIA for some time now.  My apologies.  I've been super busy with end of school activities, musical productions, and work.  I'll share with you all some of the cuteness of the productions.  :)  I was so proud of my Audrey!  And, my 2nd & 3rd grade flag girls were adorable.

We had a great day today!  It was our last Women of Worship Bible Study this morning.  Then I attended a free workshop at the Georgia Home Educators Association convention.  It was a great Homeschooling 101 Conference.  Wish I could go the rest of the weekend...... Anyhoo, had a sweet dinner with my girls and mother-in-law at our church's Spring Fling.  Maddie even won the door prize!  Tomorrow is Audrey's Field Day.  I'm also judging a colorguard audition in the afternoon.  Saturday hubster and I will be celebrating our anniversary.  Big weekend!

My Audrey was one of the cute flipper girls =)

Under God's Sea in 3D - super production!

That's right... I got a flag team worked into the production!  They were great!   


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