Checking in with my blogging peeps.  Hope you guys are all doing well - and keeping safe.  Can you believe all the tornadoes and crazy weather we've had around the country lately?!

We're all doing well as the school year comes to an end we're anticipating lots of changes around here.  The girls officially have 2 days of school left!  WooHoo!  I absolutely cannot wait to be home with them full time again!  We're actually leaving the day after school gets out and heading to The Wilderness for a mini-vacation with D's family.  Looking forward to that.   I started training my replacement at work today.  I'll go in tomorrow to finish up some more projects and with the exception of a couple more training sessions, I will be working from home the rest of the summer. 

Audrey had an appointment with an ENT today because of her reoccurring Strep Throat and ear & sinus infections.  She is scheduled for surgery June 28th to have her tonsils & adenoids removed.  It is scary to think about her having surgery - as minor as it is these days - but I am so relieved for her.  The success rate is 90% so she should feel a lot better and not get sick so frequently.  He also mentioned that she should sleep a lot better (and hopefully cut down some of her crankiness).  :)  When we get the tonsil issues resolved, we'll get her in to the GI specialist to check on her possible reflux issues.

Speaking of ailments and procedures, I had my first retreatment of an old root canal on Thursday afternoon.  That's right - as if it wasn't bad enough to have a root canal 7 years ago, an infection was found at my recent routine cleaning and x-ray.  Once he got into it the tooth he found that 1) only 3 of the 4 roots were done to begin with 2) one of the holes was made too wide which led to an infection seeping in and cracking the wall of the tooth.  So what does this mean?  In addition to the $1500 procedure (ugh!), I will have to go in for at least 2 more treatments which is about 1.5-2 hours each time and recovery time of 3-4 days each.  Are ya jealous?  lol

Here's the 411 on my job situation.  He has finally hired another person.  Yay!  She started today.  I worked with her a couple of hours.  She has a very limited schedule, so I won't see her again until next week.  But, she is great!  I really enjoyed working with her and talking with her when she was in last week.  She's already a great help to me.  And, when the time is right, I know she'll step right into my place with ease.  :)  I think he is also offering the job to another lady who will be in the office mostly doing administrative duties and promoting his fundraising line.  I still have several things to catch up on, but it is such a nice feeling to know that I'm not the only one responsible and can have a little breather.  I have one account and can work from home. 

I'll leave you with a few sweet pictures of my girls.  We've had some fun with field days, field trips, and family outings.  Enjoy!

Field Day

Hiking at the Indian Seats

Playing with her BFF at the Sprinklers


  1. I am so glad we got to meet up today!!! SH keeps talking about her friend Maddie :)

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