Norton Catch Up

Just sitting here on a Friday night.  The girls are sleeping over at their grandparents.  First time they've done that in quite a while.  I worked until 7:00 trying to catch up at the office.  Now we're vegging out, watching a movie, and reading blogs.  Yep, we're living the life.  ;)

We've had a busy week (what's new, right?).  Audrey had strep AGAIN.  The doctors were quite impressed with her "kissing tonsils".  We now have an appointment with the ENT to schedule having her tonsils - and probably her adenoids - removed. Not looking forward to the process, but will be glad to finally get her some relief. 

My boss has finally started and almost completed the interviewing process for my replacement/help.  What relief!  This summer I will work from home about 8-10 hours a week and fade out by the time school starts in the fall.  So grateful to have had the opportunity to work such a great, flexible job when I really needed it.  Even more blessed that I no longer need it and can be home again with my girls!

Gonna have to have some expensive dental work done next week.  Not excited about that.  But, am grateful they found it before there was any pain.  Apparently I'm going to have to have an old root canal redone.  They found infection on my last x-ray at my 6 month cleaning.  Not cool.

Derek & I usually splurge for our anniversary, so this year I chose a "Spring Cleaning" by a maid service.  Four ladies came for a couple of hours yesterday.  I will say that my expectations were a little too high.  My house really isn't in bad shape and most of upstairs has been cleaned well since we recently switched around all the bedrooms & deep cleaned.  So, I was really expecting a deep cleaning of the stuff I don't do every day - like the baseboards, windows, stove, etc.  Not so much.  Though it was nice to have everything done for a day.  =)

School is coming to an end.  Lots of exciting stuff going on.  Audrey had field day last Friday.  Monday she is having Fun in the Sun day.  Thursday I'm going with Maddie's class to the new Sprinkler park.  Yay!  We have really missed the Splash Pad in Knoxville, so I think this will be really close.  It just opened last month.

Saying some prayers for Derek.  His dream job has opened back up.  This company started pursuing him last year and then funding fell through several months into the interviewing process.  (Yes, I said months!)  They contacted him recently and he's had another interview.  The only hangup is that Derek doesn't want to move to CA or NY, so they just have to decide if they want a remote employee.  In other good news, he's one step closer to being approved to write a book.  It's a technical book that the publishers requested.  Lots of things happening for D right now.  So proud!

So there's a little update on us.  No deep thoughts tonight.  :)  Just keeping you all in the know.


  1. Darsi said...:

    I had the same problem when we had a maid service come to our house every three weeks. I just assumed that, because they were professionals, they would clean better than I would. WRONG! Oh, well. Like you said, it was at least nice to have stuff done for a couple of days.

  1. Kim said...:

    Yeah. And, I didn't even mention that they must have all been chain smokers and I asked my neighbor to come in and smell my house to make sure it didn't smell like a cheap motel when they left. :( Nor did I mention, how sticky my counter tops and floors were afterwards. Had to go back over everything with clorox wipes. Nor did I mention the dollar taken from my daughter's dresser. (Really? I would have given her a dollar had she asked! Don't take from a kid!) I think next time, I'll just clean it myself. LOL

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