Project Life Week

Here it is!  Thanks to my friend, Candace, at His Mercy is New for introducing me to this great project.  I've been wanting to document every day life through photos for a while.  This is a super way to do so!  I haven't ordered it yet, but it is next on my list.  ;)  In the meantime, I will be participating through my blog on Tuesdays by posting my daily photos for the week.  Enjoy!

1/1/11 - We had Christmas with the Norton Family at New Year's.  Thought the girls were adorable with their cousin in their Santa outfits.  =)

1/2/11 - Last day before school started back, so it was a pajama day filled with creative play!  The girls made a bridge through the hallway and into the bathroom with all their chairs and pillows.  Silly girls. 

1/3/11 - One of my favorite pictures.  My mother-in-law made this for us for Christmas '07.  She took pictures of various objects (and found some online) to spell out our last name, then framed them in a nice frame.  This hangs over our fireplace. 

1/4/11 - The first time the girls played with their new Elefun game.  We loved it!


  1. Katie said...:

    Yay!!! I'm doing this too!! Just on facebook!! It's so hard though!! Yesterday, I could hardly find something to take a picture of. Good Luck though Kimmie!

    And thanks for your advice on my blog. It's just so hard. I want that next part of my life. I want that child to spoil and discipline and love. Last night though, I just decided to leave it up to God. He knows when it will be best. It's the first time I've really turned it over to him instead of just saying that or lying to myself. I'm going to try to just let him handle it. He knows best after all.

    But thanks so much! I love you!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Kim, so glad you are jumping in!! And your girls are so cute. :)

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