Clothespin Project

So, occasionally the craft bug hits me and I need to make something.  Since we just redid our offices (and possibly classroom), I thought it would be cute to make something to display the girls' art work.  I had seen these on another blog a couple of months ago and knew I wanted to make them.  So, here they are!  Very simple to make.  Enjoy!

Just cut some strips from some scrapbooking paper I had, glued it down to the clothespins & covered it in Mod Podge (my new favorite thing).  Then we just took some scrapbooking embellishments and buttons (hot glued the buttons) - again, covered in Mod Podge. 

The girls enjoyed decorating and picking out flowers & buttons.

I just tacked a piece of ribbon to the wall and used the clothespins to hold the art work.  Fun, huh?


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