Project Life Week 4

1/18 - After bath "helper' of the laundry folding.

1/23 - Finally got a picture of the girls in their new dresses.

1/19 - We found a super cool book at the library that showed acrobats making all the letters of the alphabet with their bodies.  Here is Daddy & Audrey making a "P".

1/20 - My nook.  This is where I curl up at night after the girls go to bed while D & I watch TV and I enjoy all those wonderful blogs.  ;)

1/21 - When D's parents moved the rest of their things from TN to GA, they found his original Star Wars toys.  He loved sharing them with the girls.  Audrey especially enjoyed them.

1/22 - One of my favorite "pretties".  My Longaberger cabinet with my favorite mini collectible baskets. 


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