Mod Podge #2

Ok, I'm so getting into the Mod Podge.  Why did it take me 30 something years to realize it's wonders?!  LOL  So, we decoupaged a little box that I bought several years ago (along with the Mod Podge) just as I had planned BEFORE children.  Hahaha!  Who knew it would sit in a craft box waiting for a snowy day WITH children.  =)

The girls really enjoyed helping me decorate it.  We just ripped up tissue paper & covered in MP - then waited until it was dry.  Then we decorated with various scrapbooking flowers & stickers and recovered it all in MP.  Maddie really loved the "painting" with the MP.  I think Audrey enjoyed peeling the dried MP off my hands the best.  Silly girls!


  1. I made some ModPodge coasters with black and white pics of SH on them. So cute! I love that stuff.

  1. C Smith said...:

    I have made tons of stuff with mod podge! Isnt it great?

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