Project Life Week 2

1/5 Not a good pic, but all I managed to pull out today. Audrey with her Awana group.

1/6 Maddie giving me a puppet show.

1/7 Oh, to be 3 again - this is the life!

1/8 Derek got new glasses - the first time since his Lasik surgery.  The girls had never seen him in glasses so they had a good giggle over it.  They're still getting to use to it.

1/9 - The snow begins!

1/10 - The snow is here!!
Here they are.  Any idea why some of my pictures are coming over sideways?!


  1. The only time I have had pictures show up sideways was when I had too many photo editing screens up and then tried to upload to Blogger without closing them out first.

    Looks like you all had a fun week. I'm already over this snow!

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