Weekend Update

Shew, I need a weekend from my weekend.  We were nonstop for 3 days.  Saturday we took a beautiful hike up to Sawnee Mountain Indian Seats.  Maddie walked the whole thing without asking to be held.  (Yay!)  We followed that up by celebrating at a birthday party of our neighbor's.  Then we were off to do a little shopping at REI and The Container Store.  (Yay!)  Today Chosen sang at Rehoboth Baptist Church.  That was followed by a 3 hour rehearsal for our Children's Spring Musical.  I'm ready for bed!

My sweet girls taking a relaxing moment on the rocks.

Our Family

The beautiful view

So, I totally busted my diet this weekend.  It really is the worst I've done all month since I started.  On the positive side, I was very active this weekend.  I'm putting it all back together tomorrow.  

I have to brag on Audrey for a minute.  My wonderful neighbor tested her for me today.  She said at this point in the year, she should be reading at a level 13.  She's actually at a level 20!  What a relief!  Makes me feel good to know that she's learning something and ahead of the game.  :)  Also, we're working on 2nd grade math right now and should actually finish by the end of summer.  So, she should start 3rd grade math at the beginning of the new school year.  This is definitely one of the wonderful things about homeschooling.  Each child is different and we can work at her pace.  She doesn't have to be bored or held back.  We're just pushing forward regardless of her grade classification.  We're so blessed to have this freedom! 

And then there are days she wants to make a giant mustache with rulers.  LOL


  1. Go Audrey!!! I have never doubted that child, not even for a minute. I can remember being blown away by how smart she was even when she was teeny tiny.

    I like the 'stache' ;)

  1. Kim said...:

    Thanks, Allie!! She is a great kid. It's just reassuring, as a parent/teacher, to have that "check" from a professional. :)

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