Spring Break Fun

This week is Spring Break - and even though I hadn't planned on actually taking the whole week off, we pretty much have.  :)  D had to go out of town for the week, so we packed up and went to TN for a few days.  My parents just moved from east TN to middle TN, so we went for a short visit.  I got to see my college roommate for the first time in a couple of years.  I love how we just pick up right where we left off.  That is a true friend!

Today we went to the Y, then out to lunch, then to the park, followed by a trip to Bruesters for ice cream, and then home to play.  We spent the entire afternoon outside.  The weather was absolutely perfect!!  I could definitely get use to this.  =)  I'm hoping the weather holds out all weekend.  I'd really LOVE to take the Trikes out for a nice ride on Saturday.  (Are you reading this, D?!)  =)

Speaking of the Greenway and parks, I just need to say how incredibly grateful I am for the place we live.  We are surrounded by beautiful Greenways and amazing parks.  We went to the new facilities at Fowler today.  It is amazing!  What a great blessing it is to just run over to a nice, clean, fully equipped park to play or miles of paths to walk on.  Good stuff!  And, everyone in the area should be taking advantage of it!

So, looks like I'll be going on my first ever mission trip this summer.  It is not out of the country - it will be in North Carolina through Families on Missions.  I think I may take Audrey with me.  I'd love for both of my girls to start young and hopefully grow a heart for missions early.  I never really knew much about missions except that other people went and we helped raise money and pray.  Honestly, I never even thought I'd be one to go into missions.  Granted, one trip to NC doesn't necessarily make me a missionary.  But, I have been surrounded by some awesome ladies who do have a heart for missions - and it seems to be contagious.  =)  Please pray for my family as we know that God is calling us for greater things.  We just need to be faithful and take the step to go where He leads.


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