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It's Friday night.  I'm tired.  But, I've had a super day.  I'm a wee bit fried - a little too much sun.  Today was Field Day with our Homeschool group.  We had 200+ kids there.  Had a blast!  This was my assignment for the year.  (Each parent has to help with one activity a year to be part of the organization.)  I helped set up and then was in charge of the Kindergarten kiddos.  PRECIOUS!  Seriously, they were so darn cute I could hardly stand it.  :)  We had them for 2 hours going through various obstacles, courses, and relays.  The only down side was that I couldn't watch my own kids.  I did have a sweet mom take pictures of Maddie for me since her son was in her class.  I can't wait to see them!  Anyhoo... I lathered my children up with sunscreen, but forgot to do the same for myself.  I look like a beet from the neck up.  Doesn't feel so good either.  Lesson learned!

So, I'm down 7 pounds now!  Slowly, but surely!!  It hasn't quite been 4 weeks, so I'm hoping to hit that 8 pound mark by Tuesday, so I can officially average 2 pounds a week.  :)   It's not the 5 pounds a week my doctor said I could lose.  Hmph!  But, honestly, I have not completely eliminated carbs. But, I'm still making wiser choices.  Baby steps!  I will share with you a couple of sweet treats that I've found I like.  They are quite yummy - and after the first two weeks, my sweet tooth kicked back in.  For lower carbs snacks, I'm loving the Atkins Treats - specifically the Endulge - Chocolate Coconut (tastes just like a Mound Bar) and Peanut Caramel Cluster (tastes just like a PayDay).  Yum!


The girls and I went to see the production of Into the Woods, Jr. tonight.  This is the same group that did Alice in Wonderland last year that I helped with.  This year I helped, but not nearly as much.  I did the 3 group choreography numbers, but that's it.  I was really looking forward to seeing the whole production tonight.  It was amazing!!  Truly.  The talent of those kids took my breath away in a couple of places.  I laughed so hard in some places.  Knowing most of the kids personally, having worked with them the some the past two years, I felt like a proud mama watching them tonight.  Just beautiful!

That's it for now.  I'm worn completely out.  I think we're all going hiking tomorrow - then off to a birthday party.  My sweet friend and neighbor, Amy, who teaches 2nd grade (1st grade last year) is going to test Audrey for me this weekend to make sure we're where we need to be.  Also, Sunday Chosen will be singing at Rehoboth Baptist Church.  We have to leave at (gulp) 6:45am to get there in time for sound checks.  Immediately afterwards, I have to go back to our church for a 3 hour rehearsal for our spring musical.  It is a full weekend!  Full speed ahead!


  1. C Smith said...:

    Great job! I am back to a new program, lots less carbs too. I am blogging about it again! I'll have to try the atkins bars. Sounds yummy.

  1. Kim said...:

    Yay!! I'll come over and read. :) Oh, and I tried another new Atkins bar this week because they were out of the coconut ones. It's a caramel nut one that tastes like a Snickers. YUM!!

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