Project Life Week 9

I didn't get my Project Life pictures done last week.  My camera was MIA.  But, no fear - it has been found!  I'm really thinking I'd like to have a new camera.  Mine is at least 4 years old.  It's time for an upgrade, don't you think?  ;)

2/24 Maddie's "dress up": pants, ballet skirt, t-shirt, Twinkle Toes, wings, & headband

2/24 - The girls at their friend's house for a pizza/tea party.  My girls didn't want their pictures made.  lol

2/26 My "girls" all grown up!  This is my last full class of guard girls.  I had them in middle school and part of their freshman year of high school.  I got to see them perform in Atlanta this weekend as Seniors!!

2/27 Modeling in mommy's shoes - hands on hips. 

2/28  Maddie's field trip to Chic-fil-A - she was intrigued by the kitchen tour.


  1. The Shads said...:

    Chloe who is 7 LOVEs to wear my shoes. I guess they dont ever really grow out it. They just end growing INTO them

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