Saggy Britches

My pants are too big, my pants are too big!! Derek is calling me "Saggy Britches" and I don't mind. lol Looks like I'm losing an 'X' in my wardrobe! I was in a 2x, down to a 1x, and now an XL is too big. How cool is that? I know I've been getting a bit discouraged lately because the scale isn't showing me what I want to see, but times like these remind me that I'm doing something right. I'm only averaging about 6 1/2 pounds a month, but I'm not drastically changing my eating habits. I am exercising a lot though. Had a great 14 mile ride this morning and walked 5 miles yesterday. The exercise has been a bit sporatic lately with the weather and my incredibly busy schedule. Once my camps are over, I'll get back in to a better groove. Until then, I'll take my 26 pounds, 21 inches, and 2 (almost 3) sizes lost. =)


  1. That's a lot! You should be very proud.

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