Falling Hard

Ok... I feel like I'm falling off the bandwagon. Argh! I need to get my act back together. I'm doing great with my exercise. Last week I walked 5 miles Tuesday, 5 miles on Thursday, 4 miles Friday, and 8 miles Saturday. Today I finally got back into the gym. My time was limited because of our crazy schedule today with both girls and the Kids Klub is only open at certain times. I got 30 minutes of weight training and 20 minutes of uphill treadmill walking. I will try to get back to the gym this week. I think the lack of weight training and intense exercising may have something to do with my plateau lately. I've done tons of walking, but need to do more fat burning intensity work outs that were working before. But, most of all, I've got to do better with my eating. I've kinda sucked the last couple of weeks. I have one day left before Weigh In and a new week of points and I used the rest of my weekly allowance points today. :( I've earned 20 activity points which I don't usually use, but I used a few today. I did super the first two days of this week and then fell completely off the bandwagon. It would also help to drink more water. I've done very poorly there, too. So.... I must, must, must get back to it. I've worked too hard to fall off the wagon now. I cleaned out my closet this weekend and got rid of all the big girl clothes... so there's nothing to fall back on!

On a high note - my first 5K is this weekend. I'm very excited!! Mine & Derek's 6th wedding anniversary is this Friday and he ordered me a Terra Trike just like his so we can ride together. I'm very excited about the road trip we have planned!! I'm really enjoying the more active lifestyle I'm living!


  1. Eating is the hard part for me. The exercise I can handle and infact have been pretty steady for over a year now... If I could just put down the sweets I would be great. Don't fall off as you will give me an idol to look up too. Not that you aren't already my idol....

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