Families on Mission

Audrey and I went to Cherokee, NC for our first mission trip together a couple of weeks ago.  We went with a group from our church which included our musical group, Chosen.  We weren't able to go for the entire week; more like a long weekend.  Even though we weren't there long, it was special and quite memorable for both of us.

I am incredibly grateful to be able to share music for the glory of God!  Chosen sang in nursing homes, churches, and town square as part of the worship services.  It was wonderful!  We also participated in VBS at local campgrounds.  Audrey and the other kids were able to help out and be part of each service, as well.  What a blessing to see my sweet, quiet little girl handing out gospel tracts to strangers.  I also watched her (with other adults & kids) waving people into our church service, holding signs, and waving on the side of the road at the town square.  Precious!  Oh, to be as bold as the children!!

The people in the nursing homes, mostly Cherokee Indians, were a huge blessing.  I LOVED loving on them, talking with them, and worshiping with them.  The greatest part was when one of the men started giving a piece of his testimony and he and a couple of other residents sang Amazing Grace in their native language.  It was awesome!!  I only got to serve there one day.  I really would have liked to stay longer so I could go back there.  Maybe next time!

I also loved the sweet children at the campgrounds.  I think we had about 15 the day I helped with crafts.  They were great kids!  And, I have to admit, after spending some time at the campgrounds - I'm ready to camp!  I've never really camped out.  Derek got a really nice, 2 room tent for his birthday over a year ago and we haven't taken it out.  But, I'm ready now!!  Cherokee was BEAUTIFUL!  It was so peaceful and relaxing.  I just wanted to stay right where we were, play in the river, and just sit and enjoy the nature around us.  Oh, and more than once we saw wild elk & turkeys just hanging out on the side of the road.  They were beautiful!

One of the highlights of our trip was a church service in an old church a couple of miles from where we stayed.  We were sharing the service with a youth group from Thomasville, GA.  There were about 35 of them plus our group and the 5 or so members of the church there.  The worship was indescribable.  The power went out in the building about halfway through the sermon, but we just kept on praising.  There were 3 salvations that night.  The Holy Spirit was definitely in that place!

Aside from the missions and the spiritual blessings, it was a great time to spend with some of the dearest friends and sweetest people I know.  We had a free day that we just hung out with friends and had fun.  It was a wonderful time for Audrey to get to know her little friends better and make some new ones.  The trip was also a great opportunity for the two of us to have some time together - not having to share with a sibling, activity, or other distractions.  :)  I'm so grateful for the experience and can't wait to go back again!


  1. Glad you had a great time!

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