This Mama is D-O-N-E

Shew.  It has been a tough week.  I'm sure the girls are exhausted from a busy week.  And, they're missing their dad who has been traveling all week.  However, that is no excuse for poor behavior.  I have a major issue that I've been dealing with for some time which has escalated in recent weeks.  It's nothing new to some of you.  The age old issue - CLEAN YOUR ROOM!  Recently it has taken HOURS of procrastination and excuses.  In the past we have cleared the room of ALL toys.  They've lost privileges.  Meals have been delayed until it was done.  Playdates have been canceled.  Yadda, yadda, yadda.  NOTHING WORKS - at least permanently.

So, why the post?  I need some inspiration.  I need your ideas.  Sometimes, ok MOST of the time, as  parents we just have to get creative.  Here's what I'm doing right now.  They are both officially grounded from their rooms.  I have locked the doors.  They are not allowed in there.  I will go in for their clothes.  They will be sleeping in the floor outside of their bedroom.  They have no access to anything in their rooms.  If this doesn't do it, what next?!



  1. Tasha Cramer said...:

    Wow! what a great idea! keeping them out of their rooms! hadn't thought of that one! I just told my daughter and she said "thank goodness my room is clean or you'd make me do that!" Last year when my daughter wouldn't clean her room I made her sit outside the door and watch me pick up all her things on the floor, put them in a black trash bag and told her she would have to earn each and every thing back, one at a time!

  1. Tanya said...:

    Ok so my boys can make the craziest messes in their rooms. I have started having them clean slowly throughout the day. They get overwhelmed when I say go clean your room and it turns into a 2-3 hour cry fest uuuggghhh but now Whenever they ask me to do anything during the day, I say sure! But first go pick up 30 items each in your room. This includes every tiny toy or piece but generally at the end of the day the room is still clean and they didn't notice they were the ones keeping it that way... Usually we end up doing this 2-4 times a day depending on the how bad the room gets that day. It has made my life a thousand times easier the kids like doing it, because it only takes a few minutes and they are thinking of whatever it was they, play outside, play a video game, watch a show...worked for me but every situation is different as I am sure you well know :)

  1. I get a trash bag and before I can put one thing in it, SH is putting stuff back where it belongs. She hate's the thought of me getting rid of her things.

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