I *heart* Pinterest

There it is!  I'm just saying.  I LOVE Pinterest.  It has changed my life.  LOL  Seriously!  Now, I do consider myself a fairly creative person.  But, I do have my limitations especially in certain areas.  That's why I LOVE Pinterest!  If I'm looking for something specific I can just go there and look it up.  It is amazing!  However, it is very easy to get caught up in the love of and not the "doing".  For that reason, I am working diligently to fill my new board, "Ideas I've Actually Used" to the brim.



So far I've found a new haircut, organized my classroom, found a few new recipes, organized an entire birthday party, made sweet gifts, and used organizing fabulousness - to name a few.  I'm currently working on a few more.  It is so hard not to want to just sit and "pin", but I am encouraged to do a little less "pinning" and a lot more "doing".

Happy Pinning, friends!  And, feel free to follow me on Pinterest:  http://pinterest.com/kdnorton/


  1. You know I love me some Pinterest ;)

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