Spa Slumber Party

I'm sitting here listening to the giggles of my daughter and a couple of other friends that just can't seem to get to sleep.  I may be exhausted, but I sure do love that sweet sound.  I remember a day when I truly wondered if I would ever have a child.  And, once she was born, I couldn't put her down.  I held her for 4 straight months.  She also slept in the bed with me for 14 months.  I know, I know.... I realize now just how important sleep is... but at the time I didn't care (much).

She is a great kid - one of a kind!  I can't imagine my life without her and really can't remember much of life before her.  I may be the parent, but she teaches me a lot, too.  I'm proud of the big girl she is becoming.

Here are a few highlights from her first slumber party.  My battery died before it was over, so several of the group photos are on Nana's camera.  When I get them, I'll post more.  We had a spa themed party with 8 little girls.  :)  We painted nails (Thanks, Nana!), made our own bathsalts, decorated flip flops, and added colorful hair extensions.  A huge thanks to Pinterest for all the great ideas!!)  Enjoy!

The personalized water bottles - thank you, Oriental Trading!

A pic from her first birthday with her lollipops from her 7th.

LOVE my CriCut.  I finally put it to good use.  

I loved this idea that I found on Pinterest.  Each of the girls adopted an owl.  Each had its own personality.  I just ran out of time adding little embellishments to each one to make them unique.  The girls really loved it though.

This was the beauty supply shelf in the "spa".  I stored away all my baskets & "pretties" for the day.

A closer look at one of the shelves.  (Do you love the little chalkboards?  Another Oriental Trading find that I could not pass up!  They're perfect as reusable place cards, descriptions of food at a party or potluck, etc.)

Another awesome Pinterest idea!  That's $5 worth of decorations!

The sitting room turned into "Audrey's Spa".

Another view of the spa.

The Spa Menu & Reception Area

Just covered the large artwork with part of a tablecloth, printed out a sign, and added some scrapbook paper.

The cupcake, cupcake cake.  LOL

Picked up a super cute frame at Hobby Lobby at 50% off and took pictures of Audrey with each of her friends.

Don't let this picture fool you - the calmness didn't last long.

And, here comes the second wind!!


  1. Paula Roddy said...:

    looks like fun-your girls are so beautiful like their mommy

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