Third Day Is a Charm

Third day is a charm.  :)  No meltdowns to report.  I kinda threw the original schedule out the window and followed my instincts.  I had both girls today so we started with our daily calendar activities (Audrey actually got downstairs first and did all the changes herself).  Then we sat in the floor and read some of our library books.  I also had Audrey read with me while reviewing some of our sentence structure and capitalization rules we've been working on.  I pulled out some flashcards for sight words.  Afterward we did our Bible study with some copywork.  We also turned on the Handwriting CD for fun and had an impromptu dance party while we learned some writing skills.... and to my surprise Maddie then picked up a marker and wrote letters on the whiteboard!

The girls wanted to play outside a few minutes and in the process found a rollie pollie in the yard.  Audrey asked if she could keep it as a pet until we get our dog Saturday.  We found a container to put it in.  She named him Harold.  :)  She was asking me questions about it that I didn't know, so we researched and made a lesson out of it.  (I'm really liking this!)  She even spouted off some facts to her Nana this afternoon.

I decided to go back to the science lesson today since she had not been so receptive Monday.  I got her involved in a coloring sheet while I read to her.  It sparked some excitement in her when she remembered she had seen an episode of Magic School Bus related to what we were studying.  So, I found it online and let the girls watch it.  Even Maddie was glued to it.  The show reiterated what we had been discussing.  What really surprised is that before we watched the show, she was telling me lots of details - and it has been several months since she's seen it. 

Afterwards, we needed to do math, so I asked Audrey to teach Maddie.  I was hoping to see if she really understood what she had been taught.  I was able to see what she could do, as well as do our new lesson without her really knowing she was being taught.  LOL  After math we did our Read Aloud books.  Audrey read both stories really well.  I read her a couple more chapters in The Boxcar Children while she and Maddie made an art project with stamps.  I really wondered if she was paying attention, but noticed several times her stopping and listening intently.  And, as always, she answered all the comprehension questions easily.  I'm starting to see that she may be a kinesthetic learner when I thought she was an auditory learner.  She was reading her sight words aloud to me earlier in the day while Maddie was jumping all over her and they were pushing each other over in chairs.  She often complains that she's bored and doesn't like when she has to sit still.  Hmmm... we may be on to something here!  Anyhoo, we ended the day with the first video in our Etiquette class.  Audrey was a little bored with it, but I'll add an activity to it next time and spruce up a little.  :)  I'd call it a good day!
Ok, I don't normally allow my kids to stand on furniture, but she was really into her handwriting music.  LOL


  1. I love the impromptu roley poley lesson. Seriously, how cool is that?

  1. Kim said...:

    I know!! I learned stuff myself. :) Harold, unfortunately, did not survive the drop this morning. lol He did well all night and then Audrey accidentally dropped him and broke him in half. She's going to go hunting for a new one today. lol

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