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Ok, I have to admit... this is my favorite!!  I have been looking forward to being part of this Blog Hop for MONTHS.  Seriously!  I found the 2010 classroom Blog Hop around Christmas of last year and have probably checked every single one.  I just love to see what everyone does!  So, here's ours.  =)  We are very fortunate to have a full basement.  We actually just did some construction because none of the rooms were closed off and my husband started working from home last month.  He needed some privacy - and so did we.  :)  So, here is our new, bright classroom!
This is our newly constructed wall (Daddy's office is on the other side).  This houses her computer, work table, workboxes, her artwork, and some storage underneath.

Workboxes are ready to go! 

This is our classroom wall that houses our maps, charts, calendar, etc.

This is our shelf that houses the curriculum, textbooks, readers, manipulatives, extra paper, and my laminator (that I love!). 

This is my area.  :)  I still have a shelf and some "stuff" to hang, but this is my space.  You can also see the chalkboard that is on the wall between mine and Audrey's desks.

This is actually a large hallway in our basement that is purely for storage.  It still needs some work, but I'm grateful for the storage space! (My scrapbooking goodies are all stored across the hall on the other wall.)  =)

This is just what's behind the curtained shelf.  You'd think we'd been homeschooling for years as much stuff as we have.  lol  We love some crafts!

More crafts, games, and books!

This is actually in the playroom.  I wouldn't dare show you the playroom right now.  It looks like a tornado ran through it.  But, this is one more storage area more for fun games, puzzles, preschool activities, and various worksheets and lessons I've gotten.  This is also a great table for group projects.


  1. Nicole Wyrick said...:

    Kimmie, I LOVE your classroom! It's going to work great! I think you are starting this week? Love ya!

  1. Kim said...:

    Thanks!! We've decided to start officially next Monday, the 15th. We had a lot of stuff going on this week. How's yours going??

  1. That green paint looks so similar to the green in our schoolroom/office!

  1. Rikki said...:

    I found the blog hop last fall (and was not homeschooling at the time) and I think I checked about every single one, too!! :) I love your room (and the hallway!)--great colors!!

  1. It's so pretty! I love it.

  1. Celly B said...:

    Great space! I love the colors and organization in your schoolroom! Thanks for sharing.

  1. See Jamie blog said...:

    What a great homeschool space! Love the colors, and the pattern on that office chair in the first photo. Isn't it fun to peek in on other school rooms? I enjoy it, too!

  1. Kim said...:

    Thanks, friends!! It's been so fun! And, I was just thinking that I need to make a close up pic of the chair. I was soooo excited to find that fabric (and matching ribbon to go around the chalkboard)!!

  1. April said...:

    I love the NBTS Blog Hop, too and look forward to it all year long! I feel like a big dork getting so excited about it but it really is neat to see how everyone else does this homeschool thing. Your room is gorgeous and I love your painted walls! I have a first grader too so I'm off to see your curriculum.

  1. Monica said...:

    What a lovely classroom!

  1. Sharla said...:

    What a great classroom! So much space! I recognize the workbox storage and am relieved that it works for you because it will be our first year using it and I thought maybe the drawers weren't deep enough. I like the labels that you have on them. Are they velcro so that you can move the ones on the right?

    Your storage areas are really great too. I have been looking for ideas on how to organize our craft supplies as we have an abundance of them and this inspired me.

  1. Mariah said...:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the green wall color, very peaceful! Have a great schoolyear!

  1. Kim said...:

    Thanks, ladies!! I appreciate the sweet comments. =) Sharla - this is our first year, too. I've been reading up on the workboxes for several months and think they'll work well for us. Yes, I just printed out the labels, laminated them, and used velcro. I'll try to do a separate post a bit later. :)

  1. Abby said...:

    Love the white table in your playroom! Fun! Reminds me of a picnic table.

    My husband & I are blessed with 2 daughters as well. I love parenting girls, don't you? Have a fantastic year! You'll love the workboxes!

  1. fixedonHIM said...:

    Love your colors and how you display their art! Have a great year!

  1. You have such a nice set-up and I love the color of your walls. Have a good school year!

  1. Ticia said...:

    I agree. I love to see what everyone else is doing too.

  1. Samantha said...:

    It looks great! I love that white table towards the end. Love all your storage space!

  1. Sarah said...:

    That loooks great! Love the colors.

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