Newest Addition

One of the things my hubby and I like to do is try new restaurants.  We'll drive a little further away from home to try out a new place that he has usually read or heard about.  :)  Today was no different.  We all loaded up and headed to a cool hot dog joint called Barkers Red Hots.  Pretty yummy place!  As an added bonus, one of our favorite shopping spots that we rarely get to visit was in the same shopping center - Trader Joe's!  (For my non-ATL peeps, you seriously need to come visit so you can shop here!)   Right next to the TJ was a PetSmart.  There was an adoption group set up outside and the girls had asked to go see the dogs after lunch.  There was a big crowd gathered around the enclosure that housed the dogs and the volunteers were starting to pack up.  We walked up, looked around, petted a few, and read some descriptions of the adoptable dogs.  Then something miraculous happened.  My husband, the "I'm never going to have an animal in my house" man, fell hard and fast for a sweet little 5 pound gray Chihuahua named Tootsie.  At his suggestion, I spoke with the lady about specifics and before we knew it, we were talking adoption.  I held her and she just snuggled up under my chin and went to sleep.  She is so precious!  She's 3 years old.  She was rescued and is currently in "foster care".  She was used as a breeding dog.  :(  I wish she could have come home with us today, but she is scheduled for some dental work and surgery this week.  We hope to be able to pick her up Saturday.  The more I think about her, the more excited I get!  The girls are just giddy!  They have been wanting a dog for a long time.  Since dog sitting our little friend a few weeks ago, they've really expressed an interest.  I guess it’s time to teach some new responsibilities while giving a sweet little dog some much needed love and companionship.  :)  Here's a picture of her.  These are from their website.  She is currently named "Tootsie".  Audrey wants to name her "Sarah".  I'm throwing around some more ideas like Marley, Molly, or Izzy.  We have a week to decide!


  1. Darsi said...:

    Love it! Congrats on your new addition!

  1. There is no way to say no to that face. She is too cute!!

    You know if you named her Sarah, my daughter would think that was the funniest thing ever.

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