Reality Sets In

I don't expect to post every day, though in the beginning I want to share the ups and downs and the reality of our journey.  Yesterday was so awesome.  Today was a little more "real".  lol  Funny how quickly the novelty of it all dissipates when you have to do things you don't want to do!  We started out pretty well.  Maddie jumped in to some of the activities.  I added her into our Handwriting Without Tears by pulling in our double sided easel so each girl could write as we listened to our music and played along.  She added her own little dance and then was off to play again.  Audrey enjoyed our Bible reading through Genesis as well as history as we talked about how the first people lived.  We took a virtual tour online through the caves and even made some of our own cave drawings.  However, when it was time to sit down and work on handwriting (something she does not enjoy), the attitude monster came out.  We had a few moments that weren't pretty, but it was a good teaching moment.   In an "ugly moment" I was actually able to turn it around and into a math lesson without her really knowing it.  Ha!  For me, day #2 was about realizing early on that not everything is going to go as planned.  We're not going to get everything done every day.  And, it's ok!  I'm learning that I have to be creative when it isn't working.  And, it's ok to put it down and come back and work on it later!

Maddie gets in on the action.  She, too, changed into different pajamas for school. :)

Making cave drawings on stone.

Handwriting activity

Maddie enjoyed it, too.

Maddie's first day of gymnastics.


  1. I want to know if you too are changing into different pajamas for the school day? Your girls crack me up with the stuff they come up with!

  1. Kim said...:

    Hahaha!! No, can't say that I am. :) Though I am guilty of just getting up and putting on yesterday's clothes today. LOL

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