Valentines Mailboxes

It's Saturday and we're having a pajama day.  Everybody is sick at our house, so I thought it sounded like a good idea.  And, what makes pajama day better?  A craft, of course!  I pulled out some old shoe boxes and my new BFF - Mod Podge - and created Valentine Mailboxes for the girls to take to school Monday.  They can take their Valentines cards for their classmates - and bring back all their goodies in their own box.

Very simple to make!  I'm sure we've all made them at least once as a kid.  I just wrapped each shoe box with left over red Christmas wrapping paper - using the Mod Podge.  After it dried, the girls and I punched out hearts, cut out scrapbooking paper, and found heart stickers.  The girls decorated them however they wanted and then we covered everything in Mod Podge.  They're nothing fancy - but they're cute, made by the girls, and serve their purpose.  Enjoy!

Maddie LOVES to "paint" with the Mod Podge!

Just wrapped the top and bottom like a gift - only with the Mod Podge instead of tape.

Covered everything with a coat of Mod Podge - let it dry - then add the decorations.

Audrey didn't want her face in the picture, but she did a great job decorating.

Just waiting to dry....

Final product, photographed by Audrey!  You can't see it, but we spelled out their names on heart stickers on the sides. 


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