Project Life Week 6

 This past week was a lot about Maddie.  She started preschool and was very excited.  I've misplaced my camera more times than I care to admit this week, so I may be a picture or two short.  ;(

2/2 - Caterpillar Soup - a favorite activity!

2/3 - My sweet friends that I'm singing with, bought me a Vera Bradley planner like they each have - how precious are they?!

2/4 - Pudding mouth and crazy hair - that's the norm around here.

2/5 - I'm really digging Maddie's outfits lately.  She wears those mittens and hat with everything (even her pajamas)!

2/6 - My scrapbooks!!  If I could only take one (set) of things to a deserted island.....

2/7 - Maddie LOVES preschool!


  1. I love her mittens. So cute! I still remember Audrey's "driving hats" she kept in her room.

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