Kid's School Work

I like to think of myself as having kicked the pack rat habit.  But, there are some things I just can't part with right now.  One of those battles has been what to do with all of Audrey's work that comes home each Friday afternoon.  Her graded homework, themed coloring sheets, writing practice, math problems, and art projects to name a few.  I can't throw them away!  However, they are piling up higher than I'd like.  I finally found a solution to some of it.  I remembered today that I have a large empty binder and a few boxes of clear page protectors that my mother-in-law passed on to me when she moved.  So, I got everything neatly tucked away in a notebook (with room to spare for the rest of the year) and we can actually go back and flip through to see how she has progressed.

Just thought I'd share!  OH, and if you have any suggestions for all those great art projects that don't fit in a binder... feel free to pass those ideas along.  I haven't quite decided what to do with those.

This was part of the pile.  I usually just stick them in one of the two wire baskets (seen in the pic) hanging on the wall.  I cleaned them out today!  (And, added a basket for Maddie.)

Everything is now neatly organized into the large binders and sheet protectors to view. 

Not every single sheet is visible.  If they had a sticker or smiley face, they are definitely visible.  =)  But, those that were incomplete or similar to others, are tucked neatly behind others. 


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